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Reunion Beneath Canterlot


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This one's an odd mix of styles and methods relying heavily on references and such, but after the amount of time spent on it I definitely needed to post it and move on.

I've wondered in the past whether Twilight's obsession with schedules might have had something to do with the company she kept during the formative years of her education. I mean, the two most important figures in her life during that time were a seemingly immortal Princess and an assistant who was part of a race that takes century long naps. How messed up would you be about maximizing your time if your lifespan was practically a blink of the eye compared to that of those around you? Especially if you had the potential in you to accomplish great things in your field of study, yet it was physically impossible to live long enough to learn all that your mentor had learned? "Clock is ticking..." indeed.

Of course, perhaps if one gets that "Princess" title, the clock will stop. We really don't know... Are all Princesses able to live more than 1000 years like Celestia, or are she and her sister special? Did she last that long simply because she wasn't going to move on until she had her sister returned to her? And now that she has her little sister back, could she be setting up her replacements?

Wherever things may go, I really did like the design of "Spikezilla" when we got to see him go on a hell of a growth spurt. I'd like to think that he could reach that size some day without having to be a greedy monster in the process. Not that I'd begrudge him a proper horde to munch on after a long nap...
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I wish I were immortal like Celestia and Luna. I'm an artist too and my education is only halfway done. After that, I've got like 5 lifetimes worth of things I wanna do