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Reading by Celestia's Light

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Tomorrow morning marks the solstice, where Celestia will need to be raising the sun for the yearly Summer Sun Celebration, and so today is all about our Solar Princess.  I'm a sucker for any bit of pre-show history that covers the time that Twilight was studying under Celestia...  as I've said before, I'd leap at a mini-series set in Canterlot with Celestia, Twilight, Cadance, Shining, etc...  

And really, Celestia is such an underappreciated character with so many interesting questions about her left unanswered.  Is her long lifespan natural, or an intentional effort of hers to live long enough to be reunited with her banished sister?  Could her influence and rule over Equestria likewise have been an effort to ensure the conditions for her sister's return?  And of course, one still wonders about much of her and her sister's origins... Even the Journal of the Two Sisters left much unanswered, and the show has deviated from some of the details that it did offer.

In any event, I could have probably spent longer on this one, but I really wanted something up for EQD's Celestia Day.  Perhaps I'll revisit it sometime if I find the urge to take it further...
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I REALLY like her mane.

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[heart explodes from adorableness] Eh, I didn't need that one anyway.
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HRRRK!!! Going down! *Passes out from Cutness Overload.*
TITANOSAURHobbyist Traditional Artist
I figure it more due to the magic she has and the link to the sun that adds to her long life. I image it's kind of a sad ordeal though when she sees friends and family (not alicorns like her) pass on and her to remain. 

It's the reason why I think Celestia has so much potential as a character. Even moreso than her sister, even though Luna is probably the most popular of the original two Alicorns.
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KyoshyuHobbyist General Artist
D'aaaaaaaaaw. :)
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Lunaisbestprincess12Hobbyist General Artist
wow your art is amazing
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This is incredibly sweet, especially with how smol you have baby Spike be compared to Celestia :D Adorable as hell, hope we see more of these three! 
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Really Beautiful and Cute!
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OptiMario94Hobbyist Artist
This is so beautiful, cute and adorable!
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Dat glorious mane.

Great work!
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Harwick, you ever Stream when doing this art?  This pic is really pretty/cute/adorbs btw.  X3
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Celestial-RainstormHobbyist General Artist
Stunning wo
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URK... must … not... die.... from..... cuteness…. 
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You have got to love the way Harwicks draw Celestia's mane.
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erm...I dunno whether to 'hnnnng' or 'daaaaaw'.......hmmm...I think I'll go with DAAAAWWWWWNNNNNNGGGG! =p
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Harleensagoo11Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
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ThePenVsTheSwordStudent Writer
Amazing work on this!
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HolyGoldenCarterHobbyist General Artist
Cute and the detailing is so good! Not hesitant to fave this one bit! ^W^
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BlxckDeltaHobbyist Digital Artist
the way you drew celestia's hair gives me life, bloody hell thats amazing
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