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Que Sera, Sera cover illustration



While I suppose some fans are (at best) unsure how they feel about developments in the Season 3 finale, I have to admit that in addition to liking the majority of it and looking forward to what they might do with it all, I was especially fond of the little bit set within "Alicorn Heaven". Despite their apparently phenomenal cosmic powers, there is such a sweet maternal relationship between Celestia and Twilight and I really thought that song and setting managed to capture it by being appropriately epic and heartfelt all at once.

Knowing how I feel about these characters, it's not really a surprise that when my good friend Ponydora :iconprancypants: shared with me a story idea he had about that relationship that he just had to get out of his head and into text, I wanted to be in on it. The results are above, but the true treat is the story itself: Que Sera, Sera. It’s a tale about devotion to friends, to family, to duty and to finding the strength to be whatever those you love need you to be. It's more than a bit epic and heartfelt itself.

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