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A little piece in celebration of WhiteDiamondsLTD's birthday and in fond remembrance of RariJack Daily.  I do love how these two ponies play off of each other, both visually and in personality.  I also find it interesting how musically inclines our various ponies are.  Of course, their human versions can all play instruments in a band (except for Twilight... and maybe Fluttershy, depending on your standards), but even the pony versions have their own talents.  Rarity seems to run the Ponytones, and Applejack plays the banjo at least.  Spike plays piano (or player pianos... that seemed to be called into doubt recently), Fluttershy loves to sing (just not publicly), Twilight has taken up the microphone to sing in public (just don't ask her to dance), and Pinkie can apparently play any instrument imaginable (and all at the same time.)  Then there's Dash... has the pony version ever proven to have musical talent?  I know she's sung, but I'm not sure that breaking into a musical number necessarily counts if the plot doesn't acknowledge it.  Ah well...

Here's hoping that Season 7 brings some fun scenes with these two, and maybe some more of WhiteDiamonds as well!  (Word is that you lucky folks who make it out to conventions can find her at some of the bigger ones.)

Credit to KP Shadowsquirrel for her 3-D pony model for lighting and pose reference.
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