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Applejack Day has arrived once again...  It always seems to be just around the corner, somehow.  This time, I thought AJ kicking back after a busy season seemed appropriate.  I know that there are still people who haven't seen all of Season 7, but even those waiting for the US broadcast will be able to catch the finale before the month is out, and so we'll be entering the hiatus... Post movie this time, as well.

There have been many changes over the years, both in the show and out.  The shape of the fandom is ever shifting as people come and go while the creative staff and the show itself changes with each new season.  Beyond that, Lord knows that the real world seems to be spinning frantically with events to keep things feeling ever off-balance with each news cycle.  So there's just something that I find comfortably Zen about revisiting Applejack again and again for these art days.  Maybe it's that she is such a steady presence in the show, or that her role hasn't changed nearly as much as those of other characters.  (Although learning that she was half-pear was certainly a momentous event this season, and likely the highlight episode for me.)  Maybe it's that something about her feels pure to the heart of the show that keeps bringing me back. 

Or maybe I just want to be lying back in the warm sunlight on a crisp, Autumn day with a sense of accomplishment and a feeling like I know my exact place in the world and couldn't be more content with it. 
That would be pretty great, I would think.
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Omigod, this just..... EPIC