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Play that Funky Music, White Horse

It's a celebration of DJ PON3 and Octavia Melody over at Equestria Daily, and while I've posted pictures of Octavia before, I've only ever put up a little portrait of Vinyl, so I thought that was something that needed correcting.  Here's the electric-blue-and-white mare herself, ready for all of your party needs.  She's been a fun recurring character in the show, and has gotten some big features as the years have gone on, from saving the day in "Rainbow Rocks" to being featured in the 100th episode.  There's a rumor that a 200th episode special is planned for next year, so we'll have to see if they revisit her an Octavia again...  I'm certainly game for more music horses.
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OMG my favorite pony I LOVE DJ PON3Llama Emoji-48 (I'm Cool with Mah Sunglasses) [V2] 
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OH, I see what you did with this pic's title...

Well played. ^_^
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I’ve sent you a note regarding one of your pieces of art! ^^
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Colorful white pony.
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I love this! The detail in it is spectacular
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Let's Hoove tonight!
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200th episode...already? o.O
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Amazing art of PonDJ3
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I would love it if they gave an entire arc (or even 2-3 episodes) to her and Octavia. The hilarity of Vinyl's non-speaking shenanigans would be priceless =p
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Great art! ^^
dj pon3 will play the song: rah band - clouds across the moon…
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DJ PON is my favorite pony, since I love that type of music ^^ Plus she reminds me of my bf's OC pony xD Great job as always, love your art soo much! Keep up the great work as always! :D
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Sadly I'm old enough to get the title reference. :\
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Play dat funky song.
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