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Or "Philoysius", depending on your preferred spelling.  Sure, plenty of fans ship various characters in any property, and Pony fans are no different.  But how is this pairing so often overlooked?  It has everything...  Opposing personalities with the studious, responsible one and the flashy prankster?  Check.  The tragic implications of a love between a mortal and immortal?  Check.  The humble commoner made good and the beautiful royalty used to palace life?  Check.  Heck, if touching her makes Owlowiscious burst into flames, then you even get some X-menish Rogue love story angst in there.  What more could one ask for in a pairing?  I mean, aside from them not being birds with rather limited dialog options...

In any event, these two feathered pets of princesses would be a cute pairing for some background hijinx.  Heck, Eakin so agreed with my offhand plugging of the largely non-existent ship that he even proved its possibilities in writing with "Birds of a Feather".  As for me, I felt that I had to go forward with this little snapshot, suggesting how the Canterlot native might welcome the latest avian occupant to the castle. 

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Owlowscious is like "Who???". Wonder how Celestia and Twilight would find this. Seeing as Twilight never moved back to Canterlot (which seemed to be a fandom obsession at one point).

This should be good.