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Perils of a Delivery Mare

Happy Applejack Appreciation Day everyone!  Even though I'm insanely busy with things in both my personal and professional lives, I always seem to have an AJ image in at least some stage of completion and so I couldn't help but hastily finish this one off and add it for the annual celebration of the most dependable of ponies!

I do love the "Applejack is a badass" episodes we've been getting in recent seasons, whether she's taking down Timberwolves or dealing with an ornery Chimera in order to protect others.  She really is one of my favorite characters on the show, even as she cedes the spotlight to others or shares it with her entire family more often than not.  Her role in the show can be quite subtle, but it's crucial.  I'm quite looking forward to the upcoming comic arc where she will seemingly take the lead among the mane six in dealing with some thievin' cattle rustlers.  She's always been the world-weary sergeant to Twilight's command role...  keeping the others on track and making sure the officer doesn't screw up or burn herself out.

And I do hope they come up with another monster for her to fight next season.  That Chimera was great.
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the Boots are Snakeskin,
the Folding chair was crafted from Goat bones,
and the Hat is Tiger Hide...

what I'm saying is it can't hurt to have a second set, in case anything happens...
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The chimera wil win wi wel the originele chimera cant fly and breat fire so if hi wasing uses thos powers he kille aple Jack so easly the originele chimera is much moor powerful
The original chimera was defeated by an ordinary pegasus.
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no i like god of war chimera and hate mlp chimera sins in god of war he is compleet clasic chimera like in the most movies like clas of titans with a lion head not a tiger head sins that is worng one i like god of war chimera sins that fight is cool total kill the monster and bring the monster to death wath make apple jack so boring
I would have preferred that they had a lion's body instead of a tiger. 

And the classic chimera was defeated by Belerofonte, a guy in a pegasus.
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i no that frmo myth stories i no som guy killd the monster by riding on a pegasaus back and no kratos did it no with the help if a pegasaus he did it with his blades of chaos and is a cool boss fight cut his head of so i think kratos did better wurk than that pony sins kratos did kill it
One day I should play God of War
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no that the new god of war is in norse myth no i like to beat and kill myth creatures but no i never gona go bat to tis art sins it is with mlp and no mlp is wat i hate i was place a coment to tel wat i think of this and no in my art you see a guy ho kill mlp characters to gate money if you like to no i creat imaginators wat based on mlp i did that for the fans plus to show i can make all characters from fixion as skylander i no have creat spike as skylander i did that last year but i did no creat him in the gime with som new armor sins we gat new parts for ar skylanders so i did make him look bad ass with som cool green glowing eyes mebe you can watch him
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Applejack definitely needed more love so the "background pony" jokes would stop. They have. I'm happy.

This artwork also makes me happy. So +2 happiness. Much w00t.
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Expertly shaded and intensely drawn to boot, this picture skillfully captures the peril of the Chimera scene with little lost in translation. Excellent job!
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That chimera is awesome! The whole picture is quite epic, and it perfectly captures the atmosphere of the episode. I loved that episode for a number of reasons; it reminded us that despite the friendship, rainbows, and happiness, Equestria is still very much a dangerous place. Wonderful art!
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I wonder if Derpy also has to go through this kinda stuff ^^
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Even when she's angry, Applejack still manages to be cute. Nicely done!
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Amazing!  Looks so awesome!  :+fav:
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your work is simply stunning and amazing  the colors just bring the pictures to life .  :) Its like entering a whole new world of your imagination and bringing it to life  . I love the colors
in this picture the vibrant sparks of showdown  between applejack  and A Chimera . This is really cool  Meow :3 Clap 
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"Ah don't take no guff from nopony!"
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Wow this looks awesome you have amazing perspective, and all the shading and colouring looks really nice. It gives it amazing form and AJ looks so expressive, I love it and I really like your style. :D
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Looks like me trying to protect my friends
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Woah!!! So awesome and epic!!! :wow: :omg: :omfg: :O
This piece of art is just amazing!!! Love it!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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WHO did you way was Worst Pony again?  

Think before you answer...  threaten revamp 
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Worst pony? Easy...Diamond Tiara! Bleh
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