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Spike Day is here, and I've spent most of it travelling...  But I made it home in time to scramble to get something up in celebration of our favorite dragon-sometimes-dog!

Just had time to do a simple portrait (or two) in honor of him, but I had to do both because as much as I prefer the main show, I really kind of like the design of Puppy Spike.  It does kind of break my brain trying to find meaning in their connection though, especially now that they're two separate characters.  I mean, one is a dragon who is the celebrated hero of the Crystal Empire, was briefly Dragon Lord Spike, and is connected to most of the movers and shakers in the world of Equestria... while the other is a dog.  A talking dog, sure... but it feels like EQG Spike is really lagging behind his counterpart.  And considering the comparative lifespans of both species, he really doesn't have the time to waste sleeping and licking himself.

Still, any Spike is a warm and loyal companion to his Twilight and has saved her from falling to her worst habits, so Kudos to the little purple guy.  Would that we all could have such a stalwart friend in our lives.
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And Owlowiscious is wondering what the hoot is going on with Spike.
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Spike is underrated even by the writers themselves. :(
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Spike is mainly underrated by the fans misinterpretting his episodes.
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Owliscous is weirded out XD
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Shifty Spike Dog.emote BEST DOG/DRAGON EVER spike (great!) plz 
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Still, any Spike is a warm and loyal companion to his Twilight
Like the picture your profile pic is from
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Is till don'e get why spike get turned into a dog. Seriously It is demeaning! Great picture though. 
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Yeah, the dog thing never made sense. Or the high school thing. Or pretty much the whole EG. Anyway, Spike is awesome no matter what and this is a fantastic piece of art. 10/10.
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Spike looks pretty awesome in both forms, so cheerful and friendly yet also a bit proud. Of course he has reason to be, but we hope he's learned to keep that in check. Anyway, you did an excellent job on the cute dragon and the lovely dog version. They're very lively and full of depth and charm. Even Owlowiscious looks to be a little affectionate for Number One. Also, nice job using the nighttime lighting also as a spotlight for Spike and Spike. The shadows are pretty good except that the ladder's falls too evenly across the irregular shapes on the bookshelves. (Though I totally understand it would be a major pain to work out the lighting angles for every edge and book.)


It's a lovely little scene that pays tribute to all forms of assistance that Twilight Sparkles can always rely upon. Thanks for sharing.
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Another masterpiece from Harwicks, Spike style!
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I like this style. It is like it has been made with...uh...what is the name? XD


Aaaaanyways! I love the picture XD
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Awesome like always! Good work man
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This came out looking so adorable:heart:they are the cutest!
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Hey there. Excellent fanart. :-D Professional quality stuff. :-D
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Thanks!  I appreciate it.
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My pleasure. :-D
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Sooo cute *__*
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Ahh, puppy!Spike looks so soft and cuddly in your style :D I wanna hug him x3
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I note that he's more often being hugged by Fluttershy these days, so you may have to get in line.
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