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Number One Assistant Times Two



Spike Day is here, and I've spent most of it travelling...  But I made it home in time to scramble to get something up in celebration of our favorite dragon-sometimes-dog!

Just had time to do a simple portrait (or two) in honor of him, but I had to do both because as much as I prefer the main show, I really kind of like the design of Puppy Spike.  It does kind of break my brain trying to find meaning in their connection though, especially now that they're two separate characters.  I mean, one is a dragon who is the celebrated hero of the Crystal Empire, was briefly Dragon Lord Spike, and is connected to most of the movers and shakers in the world of Equestria... while the other is a dog.  A talking dog, sure... but it feels like EQG Spike is really lagging behind his counterpart.  And considering the comparative lifespans of both species, he really doesn't have the time to waste sleeping and licking himself.

Still, any Spike is a warm and loyal companion to his Twilight and has saved her from falling to her worst habits, so Kudos to the little purple guy.  Would that we all could have such a stalwart friend in our lives.
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And Owlowiscious is wondering what the hoot is going on with Spike.