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Thank you to everyone for the warm Birthday wishes!  I enjoyed reading them.  And also, thanks for all of the interest in my commissions post...  I've done some and am still selecting others.  And finally, if you care to offer some minor financial support, please consider my Patreon where you can get early access to artwork, as well as see sketches and unfinished concepts that aren't in my gallery here.

Here's the next in the pairing of Ponies with their Equestria Girls counterparts.  Of course, I had to go with Rarity's "The Other Side" costume for dramatic effect.  I still don't know what that spikey-tutle-shell thing on her shoulder is all about, but I'm fairly certain that she's going to win at Mario Kart because of it...

This was actually the second of this series to be started...  Twilight and Dash came later... but it took me a while to circle back to this one.  As it happens, the left side of this image lines up with the right side of the Applejack entry from this series... Not that I'm suggesting that they belong together or anything...

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JoakahaHobbyist General Artist
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Cool picture!
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Man, sry I missed it, byt a belated Happy Birthday to you, and Rarity was all dressed for the occasion too
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wclark19Hobbyist Photographer
Yay "Squee"
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Incredible work!
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Favorite pony
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MasterSaruwatariStudent Writer
This is really sick. 
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MasterSaruwatariStudent Writer
This is really cool. 
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WingDiamondHobbyist General Artist
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Good morning, Beauty!!!!!!. 
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jeanmouloudeStudent General Artist
very well done
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ShinMegamiTenseiShyStudent Artist
I can't wait for Fluttershy!  💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💞😍
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KyoshyuHobbyist General Artist
Quite fancy!
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Jose-RamiroHobbyist Traditional Artist
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I'm actually reminded of that fan animation where Twilight goes to the alternate dimension where Rarity is a fairly powerful mage.
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Awesome piece. She's looking better than in EQG that's for sure.
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Great job.  I love her outfit from The Other Side, it is one of her best looks.
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harwicks-artProfessional Digital Artist
I don't understand all of the choices in the design, but who cares when she looks that good in it?
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harwicks-artProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks bot!
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Thank YOU for your great contributions to the fandom ~~
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Beautiful girls, beautiful work
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