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New Season, New Family, New Portrait

Wow, time flies, doesn't it?  I still have many unfinished works waiting from last season, and now we're full-steam ahead on Season Six!  Hopefully someday I'll find the time to share the others that have been waiting.

I have some mixed feelings about the season premiere, myself.  First off though, it was actually really well written, nicely paced and a solid two-part episode.  A cute introduction to our newest Alicorn overlord, and everyone who should have taken part in it did so... we even finally got to hear from Twilight Velvet and Night Light!  About time!  They're only parents/grandparents to 4/6th of Equestria's royalty (4/7ths, if you really have to count Blueblood), so you'd think that they would have some importance.  Plus, you have to have the grandparents show up for the baby's Crystaling.  (Cute idea to have them held up by the weather.)

We have some new canon information, mainly in that Celestia and Luna have never heard of an alicorn birth in the history of Equestria before.  Interesting phrasing of it (at least as I recall it), as it certainly implies that they weren't born alicorns themselves, but it doesn't go so far as to definitively state so.  So will Flurry Heart's rather unique status be followed up on as an actual plot point later, or was it just to establish that no-one was prepared for the mayhem she could cause?  She certainly was an adorable harbinger of doom.

Now, as for the "mixed" part of my feelings... While I thought the stuff with Starlight was well done, and enjoyed her friend Sunbeam for the most part, there was still the part of me asking "Do we really need this?  Do we need a new main character?"  It took more time away from the mane cast, and while the non-Twilight ponies are always unfortunately stuck taking a backseat in these two-parters, there is certainly no reason that they must.  Could not a similar story have been told with Rarity connecting with an old friend?  Or Pinkie?  Or any of them?  It's frustrating to see them add another character and skip over the chance to make one of these premieres about some of the established characters who deserve that spotlight and a chance to play the hero.

That said, I didn't mind Starlight as much as I feared I might, and I liked how Spike now has both the voice of reason and the experience and status to back it up when dealing with her.  We'll see how things go moving forward.

So those are my initial impressions...  feel free to share how you felt about the season premiere below!

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I was kinda hoping of seeing Cadance be more politically active. With her husband taking care of Flurry and her doing extra work for the empire.