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Most Likely to Become a Raging She-Demon

Yes, it's another "Equestria Girls" inspired piece.  Those will low tolerance for non-ponies may wish to avert your eyes...  My apologies.

I actually enjoyed Sunset Shimmer's She-Demon form, myself, and had been wanting to tackle it for a while now but had never gotten around to it.  The impending arrival of yet another movie based on this rather odd spin-off, however, finally gave me the nudge I needed to go ahead.  I remain mildly curious of the whole thing...  The clips seem to be positioning Sunset Shimmer as the focal character of the new film, and perhaps of the I.P. going forward, and I'm all for that.  For one, it would remove the need to yank poor pony Twilight back to that odd world encompassed within a High School, and that's a good thing.  But it also makes for a decent twist to separate the human show from the pony version.  The redeemed villain as the main character would give any further Equestria Girls content its own unique feel, and that can only help it.

Of course, it'd be even better if Sunset would turn into a demon when agitated...  but I guess that flaming hair is hard to style on a doll.

A close-up portrait of this drawing of Sunset is in my scraps gallery for anyone who wants an image focused on her without the whole scene. 

Updated to tweak Sunset's proportions (gave her a bigger head to go with the cartoon look) and some minor clean up.

After being told to do so numerous times, I have finally set up a tip jar at Ko-Fi:
If you're feeling generous and would like to encourage me, feel free to drop me a small amount... it would be most appreciated!
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Sunset Shimmer: A demon. I turned into a raging she-demon. Pinkie Pie: And tried to turn everyone here into teenage zombies for your own personal army!