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Mohawks Are In This Season

Clearly, there's a trend...  What with the film's upcoming Tempest Shadow, multiple Zecora episodes, and the divine Punk Rarity...  The hottest mane is the mohawk.  And who can blame these magical ladies?  Fierce is fabulous.

My apologies for being so absent this season.  I do hope to turn things around, but there have been a variety of personal struggles that have hit and I have yet to find a proper routine on the other side of them.  I'm considering dipping my toe into some paid fan work to help...  I have no idea how desirable that might be.  I have always tried to keep my drawings here simply for the love of the show and fandom and subject to only my own whims, but reality rears its ugly head.  In any event, I'm open to thoughts if anyone would care to chime in.

In the meantime, we're just days away from the release of the film!  Definitely feel free to share your opinions on that... what you hope to see, what you thought about what you did see, any of it!  I'd love to hear it. 
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