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Lazy Biteacuda River

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Published: October 31, 2018
For Trixie Day I just had time to do a quick color pass on another couple of entries from the Artist's Training Ground (click for full size!)...  Hopefully I should have some all-new artwork to share with you all soon!

Trixie has come a good ways in the course of the show (both shows actually...  some of the more rounded work with her appeared in the "Forgotten Friendship" EQG special), and I'm glad that she's still popping up even this many seasons after her wagon first pulled into Ponyville.  I've always enjoyed this type of character... the brash, egomaniacal type who often brings about their own comeuppance (or simply suffers indignities at the hands of a less-than-sympathetic universe.)  I always find myself rooting for them, even as I enjoy their setbacks.

I hold out hope that, with the rumored final season of the show coming next year, we'll have a chance to revisit the Twilgiht/Trixie dynamic.  I love their interactions... there's a great, antagonistic chemistry there that just hasn't been mined as successfully by pairing her against/with Rainbow Dash, Sunset or Starlight.  Here's hoping the two original unicorn mages get to butt heads one last time and perhaps come to some kind of final understanding of each other before the last episode falls.
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Oh wow, I love this, the detail is so good, and I love how she turned the fish into teacups!
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KyoshyuHobbyist General Artist
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JetPowerFIEHobbyist General Artist
Haha!  I love the teacup biteacuda design too!  Good work!
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silver-stream26Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ha, nice work.
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ilvbrowniesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice work, and as an aside: Note to self: don't go floating in any of the rivers in Equestria without knowing the flora and fauna of said body of water.
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Heh, they had it coming.

Sigh...I stopped watching the show quite a while ago...but I really do not want it to end...
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FireHeartDrawsHobbyist Digital Artist
haha this is awesome !!!  You certainly created some magic with this one XD
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It's just a detail, but I love how her horn is poking through her floppy hat. Just a little detail that never seems to happen in the show itself.
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silver-stream26Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aye, yes. I gotta agree with this one.
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I'm definetely with you on one last episode with some heavy Twilight/Trixie interactions. Let Starlight out of this and just have these two to work things out on their own. That's the episode I wanted to see ever since season 6.
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BatBewbsHobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh, that's great! lmao

I agree, I really love this  type of character too and I hope Trixie and Twilight get to come to some type of understanding before the series ends. They've certainly made some progress to becoming closer, but it would be nice to see them actually finally bury the hatchet and become friends themselves.
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I agree with your assessment in regards to the final season shenanigans. I never gave it much thought, but one more final encounter between Trixie and Twi' would wrap it all up beautifully if it goes the way it might.....then again you never know with these guys/gals at Hasbro =p
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PigducksHobbyist Traditional Artist
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This is totally funny. ^.^
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Happy Trixie Day! It's nice to see these colored.
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AleximusPrimeHobbyist General Artist
HA!  At least she turned them into things that don't have teeth anymore.  XD
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kakyuusparkHobbyist Digital Artist
*Jaws theme begins*

Awesome pic.
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VoltronZ1Student Writer
I wonder how well she would react to Cheep Cheeps from the Super Mario games, or even Bloopers.
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poor thing! hehe. nicely done
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