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It's a long way down the Holiday Road

Just a quick, fun one since I haven't posted anything in a while.  Maybe a slight spoiler for issue #8 of the official "Friends Forever" tie-in comic, for those of you who haven't read it.  And you really should read it... it's a great issue, focusing on the doomed roadtrip of Rarity and Applejack and full of great world building for Equestria in general.  This is the kind of technology I like to see pop up in the series from time to time... something whimsical and archaic looking.  And any fashionable autogyro that is to be flown by our fashionista should really by default have ornate Victorian stylings to it. 

Say what you will about Rarity... the pony has a wide skill set.  What's more, she never seems to hesitate going back up in the air on things that inevitably fail her, be they magical butterfly wings, hot air balloons with unsecured ropes tied to fleeing pegasi or caught in the path of excessive tornadoes, or... shall we say "borrowed" aircraft.  At least Fancypant's air yacht presumably got her back to Canterlot safely.

Maybe they gave the wings to the wrong unicorn...

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Anything's better than flying United, I suppose.