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Is the Blue Flu Covered by my HMO?



They're not cursed...  They've just been infected by a highly contagious, chaos-spreading disease that they caught from Discord.  No biggie.

I actually drew this immediately following the "Three's a Crowd" episode, but it took a while to find its way here.  Just a fun little sketch of the two well-meaning, responsible ponies that paid a high price for standing between Discord and his fun.  I felt that there wasn't enough Blue Flu Rarity and Applejack artwork out there.  Luckily though, mega-talented artist WhiteDiamondsLtd felt the same as I did.  Be sure to go and check out the sister version to this piece on her pageBlue Flu by WhiteDiamondsLtd
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I’ve never understood this, if discord was faking having the blue flue then why would rarity and applejack get it?