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Hydra Vs. Shield, Equestria Style

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Call me crazy, but I feel like the adventures of a captain and his winged partner fighting threats to the nation could make for some pretty entertaining viewing.  I'm not sure where that idea came from though...

I admit, I like Cadance and Shining Armor.  True, they're still rather vaguely defined, but so far their roles haven't really called for them to be any more sharply defined than Cheerilee or the Cakes.  I remain curious about their histories, and how they got to where they were when we meet them.  What adventures caused Shining Armor to move up the ranks?  How did this Princess of Love come into her own as royalty?  I've seen and heard some of the stories from the comics and tie-in books and such, but I imagine there's plenty left to explore with these two.

Of course, I mostly wanted to draw a homage to a certain movie now playing, and to see if I could translate that monster design into something more detailed while still keeping in the spirit of the show.  I think that the end result looks like it would make one hell of a snow-globe design.
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Twilight: "Pinkie, what's that?"

Pinkie: "Two words Twilight..."


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Jioseph-superfan63Hobbyist General Artist
That Hydra is too epic and badass! 

I love how you make the Hydra realistic and fantstic as the mythical rapresentation! 

Great work!
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This beyond epic and awesome
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...Was that an intentional pun?
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Hehe. Like Spyro and Cynder.... only with no corruption or Elijah Wood prowess. (8)
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great picture!
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That pun in the title XD
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I'm gonna be that guy and say hey, if his shield protected an entire city from as much as it did, why can't it stop a hydra's teeth?
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jmkploverHobbyist Traditional Artist
I saw the title and thought Marvel. Regardless, this is still absolutely epic.
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You heard the latest publicity stunt from Marvel?  Even if it isn't permanent is a big sack of disappoint.
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I love the Insane attention to detail
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KnifeLynxHobbyist Digital Artist
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I'm sure if the Hydra could just.. articulate itself in  way that at least 3 of them were clamping the shield at once... Then NOM nothing left; 10 seconds Flat of just shield shattering GLORP fest.

Not that I don't like Cadence. I've always been more approving of her role as opposed to Shining Armor; but frankly I've NEVER been reverent of the Show's introduction of them "Surprise! Here's these guys! You'd think we'd have mentioned them before!... but you'd be wrong <3" Not terribly genuine in the slightest.

I got over Cadenza's role seeing as Love and being the Alicorn of Love DOES fit the theme of the show and.. eh I guess the little tidbits we get in between major episodes that just have quick, sideline itneractions with her is neat. Spike talking to her, Twilight and Cadenza's episode. Anypony that gets a 1 on 1 with her was neat.

Shining Armor is seen even less, and while it isn't terribly hard to believe that the sons and daughters of the Sparkle Family aren't just super magically adept.. I find it painful to accept we never heard of him until the end of the second season. Kind of irrelevant now but... Hey. Maybe I just like Hydras.

NOMNOMNOM!! Magic is Delicious! <3
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dragonozStudent General Artist
Cadence is like, eww get this hydra some dental floss or somthin'.
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why is this not an fanfic yet?!?!
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Jester--GirlHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes! I would love this version of Hydra vs. Shield!
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Truly amazing. This the best Shining Armor and Cadence art I have seen. That Hydra is incredible.
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Zucca-XerfantesHobbyist Writer
Best Honeymoon ever!
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FireheartTheInfernoHobbyist General Artist
Holy smoke! This is epically awesome and incredible! Magnificently executed, at that! It pleases me to no end that this fandom is occupied by such talented artists, such as yourself! My hat is off you, friend Hat Wave Emote 
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I love MLP, I love Agents of SHIELD and I LOVE your artwork!
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Rock-Music-AngelHobbyist Traditional Artist
you make My Little Pony look so epic!!!   i love it!!
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RickyDuttonHobbyist Traditional Artist
O_O Wow... just... wow. owo;

The Detail here is, Excellent. ^.^
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