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Hit and Fly



Another sketch from my hard-drive that I thought was kind of fun, so I did an ink & color job on it.

One of my favorite things about Twilight is that, for all of her phenomenal powers, leadership skills and intelligence, she's still often cast as the "butt-monkey" of the group. Whether it's Derpy dropping progressively heavier things on her head, a series of injuries made to match the appearance of her future self, or Fluttershy teaching her the answer to what's "wet and clueless", Twilight often ends up adorably trampled by the fates. I just tend to love watching the world slap that poor sweet pony around.

I've always especially enjoyed when she suffers full-speed collisions thanks to a certain blue pegasus... I think I could probably chalk it up to evoking Tigger pounces from another childhood favorite. It was a treat to see that bit make a return in the "Magic Duel" episode.
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Literally my life.