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Hearts and Hoofers

Okay, so having ponies mid-dance with a swooning, romantic dip is not easy to do.  Lesson learned.  But still, it's a colorful and sweet enough image to help celebrate Cadance and Shining Armor for Hearts and Hooves day, so up it goes!

I still enjoy these two and would really like to see them fleshed out more.  Are they keeping the romance alive now that they have a foal?  Between parenthood, running an empire and Changeling attacks, are they getting enough rest?  Will Shining get some time off to join in on Guy's Night in Ponyville?  How are things going with the Yaks on their northern border?  How are the Crystal Ponies doing in adjusting to the modern world?  Honestly, I'd love to just have some family time with these royals, Twilight, Spike and their parents included.  They do all need to get together without a crisis occurring sometime.
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I'm not so fond that they made Shining so goofy. Manning an empire is hard work and he used to be part of the royal guard so I would imagine he would be a fairly serious character. Not all the time of course but I've rarely seen him be powerful or intimidating.