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Another one of the portraits from early last season that has been lurking in the recesses of my computer's hard drive...  I just really liked the design of Gilda's would-be griffon friend Greta.  She had a very cute, classy look for a griffon that contrasted nicely with Gilda's more fierce exterior.  It's good to see the show keeping the friendships diverse, even among more minor characters.

As for griffons themselves, they remain one of my favorite species in Equestria (or beyond.   It's still not quite clear what counts as "Equestria" and what counts as other nations entirely.)  Griffons did field a team in the Equestrian Games, so they're at least welcome if Griffonstone isn't technically within Equestria (or they have another settlement that is.) 
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Could I use this as a profile picture for my Greta roleplay account on Twitter?