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Future Captains of Equestria

I've always enjoyed the works of Equestria-Prevails and others who do images focusing on the guard and the like, and so wanted to try my hand at one too.  Sure, Equestria is a pretty peaceful place aside from the runaway growth of baby dragons or rampaging escapee from Tartarus, but they do have a military and *somepony* had to be holding the line for those years before Twilight pulled her nose out of a book and found the Elements of Harmony.  I like to think that Captain Spitfire of the Wonderbolts and Captain Armor of the Royal Guard must have proven themselves in a scrape or two as they moved up the ranks.

These two make an interesting and fun contrast, a half-generation before Twilight and Dash.  I also enjoy the odd coexistence of the flyboy militiary garb of the Wonderbolts and the high fantasy armor of the Royal Guard in the show.  Did these two know each other or ever serve together?  (Soarin at least went to his wedding.)  While we've seen that the Wonderbolts are a military flight group, are they completely separate from the guard Shining commands?  Is he even still in command now that he's Prince of the Crystal Empire?  Hard to say, but fun to speculate on (for me, at least.)
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We need more art and fics with wonderbolts and royal guard together. Tried typing wonderbots and royal guards on deviantart and fimfic and suprised not too much that revolve around the two together. O.o How is there not more art or fics around them as i often see them working together or having a rivarly between the two of them such as bar fights brekaing out between two if them or them exchanging stories between the two of them.
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This is excellent
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hhhhhmmmmm not bad . . . . Suspicious Plushtrap is watching ya... [Chat Icon] BillDipper Icon  it looks GREAT :happybounce: :D (Big Grin) :happybounce: 
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Wonderful art for a fascinating senario! Hmm...those are some intriguing questions, indeed, and I do rather like the contrast. This scene looks as though it could have occurred before the events of Fallout: Equestria. :)
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This is so badass that if you showed it to someone from 10 years ago it would cause their minds to explode.
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Oooo, Spitfire and Shining Armor. Nice!! ^w^
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Wow, this is amazing! The level of detail just blows me away! And the lighting is nice too, very dramatic!
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Equestria is only peaceful because of the ponies that make it safe.
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Well this is just awesome. :D
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Awesome. :D Nightshade would also be a great captain. :)
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Nice detail. The more I look the more I see.
I thought they were inside and then all of a sudden I saw the broken wall.
Scratches on face and hoof. Celestia's mark on the crate. The compass detail was a winner! :D
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I don't often see either Shining or Spitfire in a serious environment. This is refreshing and incredibly well detailed; very nice work!
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Oh no, an officer with a compass...
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At least he isn't a 2nd Lt./Ensign lol.
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hopefully... you know this is supposed to be before they are captains right? 
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Heavy. Like Gothic. Lovely.

(Like I was there. You just got bonus points!)
:iconshiningarmorplz::iconsays3plz:Okay, let's do it badass. Frontal assoult here, here and here to lurk them in twos. Then we take this hill and unleash hell from there....
:iconseriousspitfireplz::iconsays3plz:You're aware I'm shitty with bows...
:iconliquidprideplz::iconsays3plz:That's your problem...
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Great picture, it reminds me a lot of Skyrim =p. The picture of Cadance is a nice touch.

Although as for your point in the description, the Wonderbolts' design is taken from the USAF 'Blue Angels', and The royal guards are not "high fantasy", but are based on the real royal guards of the United Kingdom and Roman Soldiers; He should still be in command, Princes actually very often serve in the Military to a high degree.
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He's still in command of SOMETHING, just maybe not the Canterlot Guards. (Probably their Crystal Empire counterparts, if that's the case.) He still gets to wear the custom armor because his rank as "Captain of the Guard" wasn't revoked, just superseded by him being the Prince of the Crystal Empire. 
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Reminds me a lot of a story I was gonna write after I finish my current one. This is a great piece of art though, love it!
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