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Fluttershy Day



Time to celebrate the original Shy Pony!  I'm actually of two minds about Fluttershy here...  Don't get me wrong, I love her...  but I'm debating with myself whether she's a character that has come a long way since Season One or a short way.  She is leaps and bounds beyond the crippling shyness she exhibited when we were first introduced to her, which is actually quite nice to see.  In many ways, she has become one of the more level headed and confident members of the Mane Six, with surprisingly good social skills when out on a Friendship Mission.  However, she does still have storylines that seem to make her relapse again and again, and part of that is that her shyness is really what defined her as a character.  If she is allowed to fully grow out of it, what is she about?

Kindness, I suppose...  The show has actually done some very interesting things exploring this side to Fluttershy, especially in the "tough love" department.  Whether it's pushing the Breezies out the door, forcing Dash to deal with her hibernation-caused separation grief, or giving her freeloading brother a kick in the flank that he needed, the show has found some interesting angles to explore with Fluttershy's element, helping to relieve her from more variations of learning to overcome her social anxieties (or being flipped into a rage monster for comedic contrast.)

So in the end, I'm happy with the progress that our butter-yellow Pegasus has shown...  She's been allowed to grow, but not so far as to change who she was, which I think is good.  There's a lot of fun to be had with her original character traits.  And yet, she hasn't been stunted to the point that they don't know what to do with her.  With the upcoming episodes about her, it sounds like they may be ready to explore another story direction for this pony as well... I'm looking forward to it!
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