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Fabulous Teamwork

This was originally done as a simple sketch to cheer up a dear friend (:iconwhitediamondsltd: who is now back online as well as on Twitter, so be sure to look her up!) but I thought that with a little bit of coloring work it would be a fine way to celebrate the new episode tomorrow, featuring another team-up of what has become a classic pairing on the show.  There are, I feel, some duos on the show that are perfectly complimentary in nature...  Not only do they reside on completely opposite ends of the personality spectrum, but somehow that draws out something quite favorable in each when they collide.  Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are one such a pairing, often put together to balance out the extremes in each other.  "Hurricane Fluttershy" is probably my favorite episode featuring either of them as a result.  Pinkie and Twilight are often paired as well, with the silly and the serious bouncing off of each other as they investigate Pinkie Sense, try to stop time, solve cake-related mysteries, hawk Princess-quality books or approach solutions to Yak relations.  

Tomorrow's episode revisits what I consider to be the most dynamic of these pairing in the show, one that the writers and artists always seem happy to revisit:  Rarity and Applejack.  Unlike Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, their opposite personalities aren't really born out of flaws that they must overcome (timidness and insensitivity, respectively).  Their strengths are actually much the same... both are very hardworking mares running their own businesses, helping to raise their younger sisters.  Their differences lie entirely in personalities and preferences, making for perfectly justifiable viewpoints that often simply come from completely opposite directions.  And that, I think, is what makes them so much fun...  They are equals.  Their differences can define the plotline, but they certainly don't have to take center stage.  As a result, even when the story isn't built around their differences, there are always opportunities for them to bounce off of each other in entertaining ways.  The writers and artists are quick to take advantage of this, constantly drawing the two characters together over and over again to the point that their interactions have become comfortable while never dull.   

As a result, I'm always looking forward to their next team-up!  I also take a certain amount of comfort in the duo as a reminder that you don't really have to share the same mindset in order to share a close bond with another.  Sometimes it's enough to simply enjoy each other's company, despite the differences.  These days when everything seems more and more partisan, it's a nice reminder that things don't always need to be that way. 
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Aaaww! How lovely and cute! I like how Rarity is helping AJ by cleaning her sweat... :meow: :meow: :meow:
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Awww  you summed it up perfectly! ^_^  It reflects a lot of that in the friends forever comic, too.  I still love Raarity, telling Applejack they're having a little spat and that's what friends do. It's so true!  ^_^   Love the art, it's such heart felt moment Rarity wiping the sweat off Applejack's forehead, dawww <3    The colours are very nice too.
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Awesome work and analyze.

I agree with you.
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There really does need to be a better emphasis on the relationship these two have. I have yet to see the first two episodes of S5 Pt. 2, but I'm hoping they tackle the ideas you are pitching and how they are equals. 

Always a pleasure to see your art, harwicks. Keep up the great work :)
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Beautiful imagery as always, plus a wonderful literary work!  I think this is the only AJ/Rarity dedicated work I've seen that wasn't about shipping them together, but instead they're solid friendship they demonstrate.  I'm saddened a lot when we so many people focus on temporary "eros" (romantic/sexual) love but instead miss out on the steadfast "storge" love (family/friendship) which "is unconditional, accepts flaws or faults and ultimately drives you to forgive. It’s committed, sacrificial and makes you feel secure, comfortable and safe."   That's the real "Magic of Friendship".

Wonderful work sir, as always.  Keep it comin'!
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Faved for both the artwork and the commentary. I couldn't have said it better myself! =D
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So very well done and sweet all in the same breath! Love the comment too.....A simple saying..."You're on the left. I'm on the right. If we can't be friends, at least be polite!"  
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I know this is off topic a bit, but the episode was amazing, and pretty much everything you described is spot on. Also, I loved the Charlie Brown reference.

I do like this piece though.
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I love the shine and detail you put into each of your works harwick, the manes look very well done. Looking forward to today's episode, enjoy!
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It was a soothing coloring project after some frustrating work stuff... Glad you liked it!  
harwicks-art's avatar
I'm glad that you liked it!
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Beautiful work! :)
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WOW! Dat detail!
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heh sure thing!
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I love when these two are together...hope tomorrow dosen't disappoint.
Beautiful work as always!
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