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Commission: Kitchen Nightmares

By harwicks-art
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Here's another commissioned work, this one the brainchild of Multiverse13 for the Fanfic Kitchen Nightmares: Equestrian Misadventures.

I probably don't draw Luna enough, for as popular as she is, and her role as the princess who soothes little ponies' dreams is always an interesting angle to explore... it really allows you to do much of anything with her.  Personally, however, I've always loved the comedic angle they took with her in her first full appearance back and was always sad that they drifted away from that overly expressive, boisterous princess ("Huzzah!")  I've never heard anyone involved with the show elaborate on her progression... whether the show staff made the decision to tone her down going forward or if that was a Hasbro request or what.  I know that the comics kept some of that oversized personality with her, however.

I'm afraid that I don't have much to say about cooking though...  I've got a few dishes I can make, mostly soups, and beyond that I'm pretty basic.  I wouldn't mind learning more someday, but then I also have a fair number of common foods that I generally dislike, so I feel like I'd run up against the limitations of what I'd actually eat pretty quickly in any formal lessons.
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Very fun, I like it

GranTurismoOmologato's avatar

- What are ya?

- An idiot sandwich...

PolarAestheic's avatar

Dont forget the lamb SAUCE!!!!!!

KashianXanthe's avatar

This is amazing lol

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Some one make a fimfiction with this
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this is why i love DeviantArt.

NafeesaHassan's avatar

Lmfao, love this!

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Lmao this is golden
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H O W M U C H C A P E L L I N I A R E Y O U T H R O W I N G A W A Y Gordon Ramsay

GarbageDoggo's avatar

w h a t a r e y o u d o i n g , M e l i n d a ?

GingerTheBarnOwl's avatar

Y O U ' R E M A K I N M E M A D

GarbageDoggo's avatar

F U C K I N' M A D

ChrissyHearts1's avatar
ThAt ChIcKeN iS So BuRnT
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I’m not into mlp at all but this....this is amazing!
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Omg, I love this. xD

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I thought that i would never find another person with the last name Harwick

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And then Princess Luna paused, came to her senses, took a deep breath, and defended her dignity by floating the frying pan, whacking Gordon on the noggin with it, and knocking him out.

Princess Luna (hmm...) plz That foul-mouthed, hot-headed, bipedal meanie had it coming.


Luna icon

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Gordon Ramsey lol
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