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Commission: Anchor Foal

Note:  copyright on this image is reserved for the commissioner, and no authorization has been granted for the creation or sale of merchandise or NFT’s based upon it.

Another commission today...  This time it's an illustration for the fanfic Anchor Foal: A Romantic Cringe Comedy by the talented Estee, courtesy of a commission by Krack-Fic Kai.

It's a fun tale about Fluttershy's attempts to enter the dating world as mentored by Fleur De Lis, a high-society escort-turned-blackmailer sentenced by the crown for her crimes to help the shy pegasus find love.  Throw in Discord as well as the usual chaos of small-town Ponyville, mix in some great character work and worldbuilding and you have a highly entertaining fanfic that I'd urge anyone to give a try!

After being told to do so numerous times, I have finally set up a tip jar at Ko-Fi:
If you're feeling generous and would like to encourage me, feel free to drop me a small amount... it would be most appreciated!
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Awesome piece.

Well, ponies were finding Fluttershy already gorgeous since "Green is not your color"

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Great work. How's things going?

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There is so much character in the backdrop details, very Disneyesque ;)

Derpymuffin721's avatar

i have always loved your art you never cease to amaze me

SeriousJupiter's avatar

Such great art. Too bad I'm not really into fan fics.

Mokey1980s's avatar

Lol, I can only imagine the hijinks that ensue in there

...................................................................................also MOUSE!! =p

SkyDiggityDive-art's avatar

Fleur!!! I love to see her, especially from someone as talented as you!

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

What a masterful picture 😊

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Gosh dang it! All these amazing details! *__*

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OMGGGGGGGGGGG Fleur is so GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: Beautiful Canterlot mare! This whole drawing is so vivid! I can almost feel Fluttershy's slight discomfort at first while looking at this. This scene is very much alive!

SuperSonicHeroes2's avatar

This is cute. I read the description though, and wonder what blackmail Fleur De Lis tried to use?

harwicks-art's avatar

She generally learned the shameful secrets of Canterlot’s high society and leveraged them for financial gain. The incident that got her into trouble involved Fancy Pants, who brought the whole thing to Celestia’s attention.

The Princess sentences her to help Fluttershy in Ponyville as her talents may be useful to Fluttershy, and quite possibly because the shy Pegasus has a history of helping jaded cynics like Discord find their better selves.

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Wow so adorable!

mortalshinobi's avatar

cute detailing here

Perceptor's avatar

Very cute. Love seeing Discord spying on Fluttershy. :-)

harwicks-art's avatar

He’s definitely a presence in the story, and I wanted to find a way to add him to the picture. Luckily he’s very adaptable.

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