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CMC Forever!

We're celebrating the Cutie Mark Crusaders today, and I couldn't help going back to the late days of summer to do so.  These three have come a long way, and have expanded their ranks while doing so, so I couldn't leave out Babs or Gabby.

I may need to go over this one for some clean-up, but I had a limited window to get it done and didn't want to miss their theme day on Equestria Daily.

When the show started, I was like many of the older fans and not as enamored when the season inevitably took a break from the Mane Six to concentrate on the younger characters.  I never disliked them...  They were always pretty cute (determined Apple Bloom was especially adorable in the first season especially, and Sweetie Belle never stopped being so, while Scootaloo's evolution brought the feels), and their interactions with their older sisters and the rest of Ponyville led to some great world-building, but at first I wasn't overly invested in their antics or their quest to find themselves.  And yet... "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" was a highlight of the entire show for me.  Just a hugely triumphant moment that was done with such love and care that the overall story of the CMC will forever be a favorite part of the series for me.  I'm not sure when exactly these girls grew on me to the extent that they did, but the show would have been so much less than it is without them. 

I only wish that we didn't lose interactions with Diamond Tiara in the process...  She was a fun part of the cast, and I'd love to see her return with a role to play even after her reformation.

After being told to do so numerous times, I have finally set up a tip jar at Ko-Fi:
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Though I applaud Gabby for becoming a CUTIE MARK CRUSADER and all... I still wonder how she became the first griffon ever to get a cutie mark (whether real or not) on her flank...
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I suspect Bab's expression really sums things up... :)

Also, wouldn't Gabby be acting as an aerobrake in that position? So maybe they aren't going all that fast.
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Heh all the Crusaders.
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Well, the gangs all here.
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Great picture of the whole club having fun together :D
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the 5 CMC;s are so cute
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This is awesome. :)
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Yeah! The Crusader 5!
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Ooh Gabby!! ^_^   Lovely art! :D
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Look at all the cuteness!
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Aw cute aand adorbale work on them here
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My introduction into this generation (was a fan since G1) was stare master and show stoppers. so it's no surprise that the CMC have always been my faves. even the whole "cutie mark crusaders YAY !" thing never bothered me. all of them all 5 are so adorable and their personalities so unique but together they form a strong (so far) sisterhood. 

also any chances you'll sell this as a print
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"...What?  This stunt is TOTALLY safe! That monkey kid and his tiger pal said they do it ALL the time!"
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HAH!  I get it!
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This is just adorable, and the inclusion of Gabby is just perfect :D
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Uau :) Nice picture :)
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This picture is so cute and awesome! Heart 
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This is so great!))
For some reason, I find Sweetie Belle's face here soooooo adorable)
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I have to admit, the CMC were, at first glance, very annoying when they were founded and the early episodes into the series. But like you, they kinda grew on me, although I'm not sure exactly when. Might be when they started getting sillier with their antics culminating into their lessons. But yeah, I pretty much was in a 'Wile E. Coyote's mouth hits floor' type of situation the second they glowed and passed out, only to wake up and finally find what they were searching for.

I honestly thought they would keep the gag going on the endless search for their cutiemarks. The lines before the moment of truth in Crusaders of the Lost Mark got me guessing, then it basically hit me like this…
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Definitely want to see Gabby come back in the series
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