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It has to have been tough for Shining Armor to share his workplace with both the princess he was crushing on and his little sister as well, especially when he was just starting out.  Still, I see him being a loyal BBBFF through it all, despite the fact that his image as a tough and stoic young guard was probably regularly compromised.  Good thing that Celestia is quite fond of both objects of his affection, as I wonder if his own guard Captain would have found it quite so charming.

This remains one of my favorite bits of the show's backstory for the sheer potential it has, as well as the involvement of so many of my favorite characters.  Canterlot must have been a very interesting place with overpowered filly Twilight with control issues having just been discovered, which apparently happened relatively on the heels of the appearance of a new alicorn princess (Especially if Equestria had been making do with the solar princess alone for the past 990 years or so.)  This would have also been around the time of Sunset Shimmer's fall from grace, and the mounting pressure on Celestia of her sister's return (prior to the discovery of Twilight and her Cutie Mark, she may have been nearing despair.)  And of course there's also the infant Spike in the mix.  I'd love some official exploration of this time, but in the meantime I'm satisfied with the various excellent fanworks that delve into this time period.

I wanted to add a quick word of thanks for all of the birthday wishes!  I apologize for my absence recently, and I hope to be more active around here soon!
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GreatTeacherDiCensoHobbyist General Artist
Baby Spike is a nice touch!
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my cuteness! Look at the little gal!
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ilvbrowniesHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love it so much, I am doing a voice dub project that has a similar scene as what you have here, and I am wondering if I could interest you into doing some artwork for the project or if I could use this piece in the project. You can DM me and I'd be happy to talk to you more about it. Oh and have a watch and a llama badge you deserve it
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A shinning new fridge:XD 
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Alexey5421Student Digital Artist
Ah it's cutu!
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AmirShinobiHobbyist General Artist
Aw! So cute!
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Omg sharing this with my friends
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WildArtDudeHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is really nice art work mate keep it up
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saber360Hobbyist General Artist
Heh heh, cute. ^^
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AskGoverntaleStudent Traditional Artist
Heads up Shining Armor, your Armor is made out of a recycled refrigerator. 
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I just wanted to tell you that this painting is the best piece of MLP fanart I have seen anywhere.

Just about everything about this picture is perfect.
You immediately focus on an embarrased Shining Armor, simply because he's in the center, but due to color contrast your gaze is quickly drawn to Celestia, where you notice her facial expression, signaling surpressed mirth. Taking this as cue, you look back to Shining, searching for the reason of Celestia's mirth, and you quickly spot the notes pasted to his armor with kitchen magnets.
And even before you can fully wonder where the notes came from, you spot the solution in the form of an oblivious and adorable young Twilight Sparkle, because your view was drawn in her direction by the notes. Also: even cuter Spike.

If there is anything you could criticize, then it's the placement of Cadence: She doesn't seem necessary for the picture to work, apart from filling the space in the upper right. Wonderfully painted and very expressive face, though, and she serves to fill the second diagonale pretty well.

The backgrounds are very clear and detailed, but a little bit too sterile if you look at the floor and stairs. I like the addition of the hanging sunflowers, though - they take away a bit of the background's lifelessness. 

That being said, this painting is great and it brought me joy!
I think it's one of your best pieces, not just because of the drawings but because this picture also tells an endearing story.

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DracoDeiHobbyist Writer
Cadence might not be needed for the opt-out (I wouldn't know), but she definitely contributes to the story this picture tells.
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DracoDeiHobbyist Writer
I mean she might not be needed for the space-filling or whatever. Autocorrect is annoying.
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Doctorwholovesthe80sHobbyist Writer
Those fruit magnets!

And baby Spike is killing me with his adorable!
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I would also imagine that part of the reason he joined the royal guard is because Shining has an inferiority complex. After all his marefriend is a princess and his sister is Celestia's student. I'm not so fond of the goof they have made him out to be as I always imagined him as a much more serious character. Disciplined and firm who wants to defend the innocents but also doesn't have much patience with weaklings. Something that is balanced out by his wife who has a lot more empathy while he in returns makes sure she remains grounded and doesn't go too far with her idealism.

I actually more want to know about Shining and Cadance right now. How are they living together and what differences exist between them. It's quite clear Cadance is dominant over him but to what degree is that?
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DracoDeiHobbyist Writer
I can't imagine either Shining or Cadence going to their marriage bed as anything but virgins... Well, unless Chrysalis used her spell on him to override his judgement on the issue.
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DracoDeiHobbyist Writer
I think I misunderstood your use of the word "now" to refer to the couple.at the time of this picture rather than yourself upon viewing the picture.
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Maybe, but I don't see that as overly relevant. I mostly just want to see Shining acting like a captain of the royal guard; disciplined, loyal, hardworking and pragmatic.
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DracoDeiHobbyist Writer
I can get behind that!
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I'm pretty sure in Shining Armor there's a balance between the goof they usually show him as and a more serious "defending the innocents" mode - after all, we've seen Twilight both ways at different points in time. Perhaps it's something similar to Captain America (Steve Rogers) or Spider Man (Peter Parker)?
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I like to imagine him more as almost permanently serious and intimidating with his wife Cadance there to balance him out.
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ninjachristianStudent Traditional Artist
I love this piece so much. Amazing job! :D
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kittyphycoStudent Digital Artist
Ok I'm no mlp fan but this is amazing
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