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Betting on a Pair of Wild 'Jacks

It's time for Applejack Appreciation Day once again, and who has two thumbs and appreciates the hell out of her?  This guy!  (Probably works better when you can see my thumbs.)

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that while Twilight is my favorite pony and I find Rarity to be the most entertaining pony, I personally think that Applejack is likely the best pony.  She's just so much the ideal of the pony set...  Honest, trustworthy, hardworking, caring, supportive, adventurous, brave, strong...  Sure she has a few flaws, she can be stubborn, slow to accept change, and have some tunnel vision when it comes to her family, but she's earned that "most reliable of ponies" title again and again.  And really, she's the only pony that we've seen the town hold multiple celebrations for over the course of the show.  Plus, look at her... she's just so darned cute!

And I wanted to get a shout out to the human version of the best pony as well.  In truth, beyond Twilight and Sunset, it's hard for the rest of the human Mane group to shine in those EQG features.  Regardless though, one of my favorite scenes in the entire spin-off series was the archery bit from "The Friendship Games" where Applejack helps her competitor, a human Twilight in tears under the pressure of failing, when no one else would.  It was a very sweet scene and a wonderful variation on the "Trust me" scene that cemented the relationship between the pony versions of the characters in the pilot.  Plus, of all the zany EQG styles the characters are forced to wear, I actually liked this one.

So let's hear it for AJ!  Here's looking forward to more of her in Season 7 and beyond! 

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Let's get some William Tell action going up in this joint, yo!
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The Emerald Arrow And her Apple-bucking steed.
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If you want a mystical forest cleared of monsters, then call the Royal Equestrian Rangers!
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Now if only I could get this in a World of Warcraft skin for my hunter, my life would be complete.

Well, other than playing a hunter on WOW.  :)
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TFW you are your own animal companion.
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Applejack Rangers!
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Well done once again harwicks! :clap:
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Can I use this as a fanfic cover? I promise to give you credit and a link back to here. 
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Sure, be my guest!
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Love it!

Also, paging AssasinMonkey for some more Applejack!
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Wow I am not really big fan of EG but your AJ is amazing! Great job :-)
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Wonderful to see that someone besides me appreciated that archery scene in "Friendship Games," for the same reasons you did. For me it was the one stand-out moment besides the Midnight Sparkle scene that everyone else focuses on. Applejack is always at her best when she's helping others and that part really highlighted that. It's why I also think she's best pony (and best human besides Sunset) even though I find Pinkie Pie to be more entertaining on the surface. Also, I like to think that the double meaning of AJ being a "straight shooter" was intentional.
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Now she reminds me of Merida from Disney's Brave
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Looks like it was made by Disney xD 
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You just earned a watcher.
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Absolutely Perfect.

I don't like EQG; i don't know why... but, that picture shows me, that there isn't nothing, why i can't like AJ in her human form. She looks great!

It looks very good; and AJ - the Pony - looks like... She will jump to the viewer, to tear him down - für cuddles, Farm-Style.
That outfit is real neato.
HA! Ya missed, ya sour gra-- No no no! WAIT!!
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