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An Old Family Squabble

This one is still rough around the edges, but I wanted to at least get something posted in honor of the Summer Solstice and Princess Celestia.  The most regal of Princesses needs more representation, and I took it as an excuse to up her to a more armored look as befits a warrior Princess who protected Equestria alone for a 1000 years (not that she apparently needed any platemail.  She did all of her flank-kicking on the show in shiny little princess shoes.)

At this point, I'm really hoping that Celestia gets a good showing in the upcoming movie, as it seems unlikely that they have an episode planned for her this season on the regular show.  Really, they have to know that there's a great deal of interest in the elder Princess's backstory, and the movie seems like a good opportunity to get into it to some degree, while also offering a chance to give new audiences a taste of the show's mythology.  I'm hoping there will eventually be some episodes dedicated to her in the present as well, as she has been so underutilized over the years.  There are so many fun and intriguing story possibilities with her... it would be a shame if they only ever got explored in fan works.
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