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ATG Day 3: Draw a Pony going Batty

Another day where I went the obvious route with more limited time.  Still, it was fun to do.
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As awesome as Flutterbat is as she tries to scare away the farm filly, Applejack's expression as she gets ready to swat is absolutely priceless. You did such gorgeous work on them, especially with their anger on display so intensely, that I'm surprised you put it in scraps, even if it is part of the exercises – it's pretty terrific, IMO. Thank for sharing the gripping yet funny moment.
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Flutterbat looks scary as fudge. Seems her Apple urges got the better of her. Then again I like Flutterbat so I don't mind.
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Heh, now she's looking like the Bat Gremlin from Gremlins 2: The New Batch. Neat.
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