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A Namby-Pamby Pony Princess

Princess Celestia just does not get enough credit. Sure, Luna is easy to love (especially when there are so many variations of her personality to choose from), and Cadance will probably end up selling more toys, but when push comes to shove I have to say Celestia is my favorite Princess. At turns majestic, playful, scheming, and always loving towards her little ponies, she's the full package.

My all-time favorite bit of plotting from FIM is probably the moment a distraught Twilight finds herself bombarded with every Friendship Report she had written in the previous season, making a show element I had taken for granted suddenly seem like a master bit of chess positioning. From that genius move onward, I've never doubted Celestia has known what she's doing... and while others enjoy attributing darker edges to her as a result of such schemes, I have no doubt that she's all sunshine and warmth, myself.

After being told to do so numerous times, I have finally set up a tip jar at Ko-Fi:
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If Celestia had more screen time, then I'd say she'd have more credit. Just me though. Love this.
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So gorgeous and so full of detail, amazing! I love how the colors in her mane blend and mesh together, and the light going through it makes it shine, everything about this seems so whimsical!
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:faint: WWE Vince Mcmahon Faint Icon 
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that mane.....that mane is too....AWESOME!!!
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Hey everyone can you comment at arcovitegacton123.deviantart.c… please ?
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Celestia is forever the Best Princess Love  Heart 3D Heart 3D Heart 3DHeart 3D  Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love 
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Celestia is always looking great, grand, powerful, wise and elegant this shows it off perfectly!
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Wow! Very pretty! Fantastic Technique!
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That coat though... must have took forever
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Snif..Is Beautiful..Onion Beauty-in-Japan-s Oh my goodness it was so worth it zooming in.  she really looks soft and huggable, and her mane is like stained glass, which is really cool! she also has an aspect that is show accurate yet unique and the texture for everything looks either smooth or real, or fantasy like.  this is now my fav celestial fanart/art, I LOVE THIS! 
Princess Celestia (thank you twilight) plz Celestia Cutie Mark (Emoticons) 
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this is beautiful. wow. tia looks so elegant. the detail is awesome
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I love the details to her fur and hooves while not stylizing the character much from the original. This is more kind of how I would imagine ponies would look if the show had more visual detail to it. This is an awesome version of best pony.
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 I first saw this image in an app made for downloading My Little Pony wallpapers.  While there were several amazing works of art, there was no credit to be given.  I deleted to app a long time ago, but kept this picture for another year, continuously forgetting to email myself the image to look up later on Google.  I have finally done it, and I am shocked to see this piece in its whole beauty.  I can see all of her mane and everything in the background.

 This as been my favorite work of art and I don't think I will ever get over the beauty of this piece.  You've done a fantastic job capturing the warmth in Celestia's eyes and the magic in her mane.  You've even captured the My Little Pony style of anatomy and make it look so real.  

 I have marveled at this picture for hours in total and I can only dream of one day creating a picture this stunning.  The only negative thing I have to say is the wings aren't realistically big enough, but then again she's part unicorn so her magic can help her to fly as well.  (For a human to fly he/she would need a wingspan of sixteen feet because we have solid bones and are so heavy.)  I want this picture to be hung up in my home one day, even if she is a character from a cartoon.

Oh my, I've rambled again. 
Oh wow, that mane. I have never seen it done so beautifully. I like how there are plants blooming where she steps, too. And the semi-realism. The more I look at this, the more I find to love about it.
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It's as if she is the life that comes from the sun.
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the only princesses i have are twilight and cadence D:
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Its amazing what you did with her mane and tail here, I haven't seen anyone else design her hair like this.
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I really enjoy seeing all the art of the Royal Sisters on Deviantart, there is tons of great art for Luna, its great to see equally good art for her sister Celestia. 
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The art is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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