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A Mare Who Leads a Life of Danger

This one serves mainly as a character detail of:  .  Most of these close-ups of individual characters have been going into the "scraps" folder, but as I worked out a new, simple background for this one that changed the feel of it enough, I figured I'd at least give it a temporary place in the featured folder.  Besides, I don't really have enough Fluttershy art, I think... and I do love her "dangerous mission outfit".  I'd ask what Rarity was thinking when she designed this, but really...  It's silly and adorable with just a vague hint towards pulpy badassery.  What more could you want in Fluttershy adventure wear? 

After being told to do so numerous times, I have finally set up a tip jar at Ko-Fi:
If you're feeling generous and would like to encourage me, feel free to drop me a small amount... it would be most appreciated!
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There's a mare who leads a life of danger!
To everypony she meets she stays a stranger!
Yeah, every move she makes, is another chance she takes!
Odds are she won't live to see tomorrow!
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Wow, this is amazing! Those little birds are so cute, and I love Fluttershy's dangerous mission outfit! 
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those birds are too cute >w<
Very nice!:) (Smile) 
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Fluttershy looks really cool in this picture the detail and the concept of this picture and everything about this picture is just amazing i'm just blown away  . I like the shadowing that she is casting when she is walking :) this picture is amazing , And  I love the background with it  Clap Meow :3 Meow :3 
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This looks AMAZEING!!!!!
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Fluttershy looks really adorable in her "stealth" suit. 
You really did a great job with her expression, her pose and her shyness. No pun intended.
I honestly wish I could hug her. :)
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This is super cute! I love the colors and textures. They make it look really 3D. I especially like the shine you've added to Fluttershy's eyes, goggles, and mane. The feathers on the yellow bird look great too.
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That's adorable, and the coloring is fantastic! :D
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Well, she could have wore Pinkie Pie's spy suit or Twilight's black suit or Rainbow's hoodie. She it suits her. Not too serious and cute.

Awesome work.
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dangerous mission suit is funneh
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How does that, at all, scream "pulpy badassery?" :XD: She's still simply adorable here. :love:
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Aaaww!!! How adorable!!! :heart: :love: :heart:
Flutters sure looks great in that dangerous mission outfit! :meow: :meow: :meow:
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Is this the RIGHT crowd for a celebration?
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:) Cute Flutter Say . :)
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