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Hi Guys,

First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting
my deviant account here in deviantart.com and
im very thankful with all the unlimited support.

My convention list this year are follows :

Capital City Comic Con 2014
Austin, Texas

More to follows soon!

best regards
-- harveymtolibao

here's the pricing for commission on 11x17" comic board

full figure | fully rendered | minimal background 

CATWOMAN by harveytolibao

full figure | fully rendered | full background 

Lady Loki by harveytolibao    Victorian Supergirl by harveytolibao

full figure | minimal bg | 2 character 

Poison Ivy Harley Quinn BW by harveytolibao    Spiderman Vs. Green Goblin by harveytolibao

full figure | fully rendered | 3 character 

Daken vs X23 Shadowed Wolverine by harveytolibao

blankcovers | fully rendered | full figure 

Blank Covers 005 2013 by harveytolibao  Blank Covers 004 2013 by harveytolibao

blankcovers | fully rendered | double spread 

2013 Cover 012 by harveytolibao

for more information reach JULY or KATE of HMT Studios | Manila
theartofharveytolibao@gmail.com | hmtstudios@gmail.com

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1 min read
Hi Guys,

Good MorninG!
I'll be in Wizard Chicago Comic Convention
this weekend. I hope to see you guys there.
I'll be in booth i19 beside Ethan Van Sciver
booth and one booth apart to Kenneth Rocafort.
So if you happen to be in Chicago this August 8
till 11, so that will be thursday to sunday.

I love to see you guys there.

By the way, I am doing 10 commission by the
whole event 8 slots available. If you wanted to
have one I'll be happy and excited to make it.
Please message me at
look for july or kate so i can complete my precon
the whole event.

more info about the event :



best regards
-- harveytolibao
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1 min read
...first of all I apologize for some friends
of mine here in the DA society that I promise
few months ago that I will start updating my
account but due to busiest project and prepa-
ration of my sketchbook.
But I need to keep update my account here, this
where it all started. From now on, Ive talk to my
team to keep me reminded of the artwork and
latest project that I am working on. To post every
details that Ive been working for the past few
So here it is, I'll start with the Heroes for Hire covers.
And hopefully, to share some stuff on my upcoming
Harvey Tolibao Sketchbook 2011. It will be launch in
August in teh Singapore Toy Games Comic Convention
2011. :D
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1 min read
Today is the last day of the year
and its very excited. I do had one
of the best year in life, the love
of my life come and the boasting of
my career is doing well. Its my first
international convention the Singapore
Toys Games and Comic Convention 2010
is exquisite and very interesting.  

Thank You so much guys for making me here.
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1 min read
..it is my day of birth today 29th years ago.
I remember when I was in 4th grade , I think
10 years of age, I decide to really be a
comic book illustrator. It was really amazing
that I am now, so this 29th year of age. I
do really hope I'll be hitting my next dream.
Long Life. To witness the most beautiful thing
happening in this world. I have to say thank
you very much for all the people who always
there supporting me. Both my family and friends.
And Thank God for giving me this chance to live.
Thank you all guys. Happy Birthday to all who
have the same birthday as me..hahaha.
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