...Guess whos back!

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...first of all I apologize for some friends
of mine here in the DA society that I promise
few months ago that I will start updating my
account but due to busiest project and prepa-
ration of my sketchbook.
But I need to keep update my account here, this
where it all started. From now on, Ive talk to my
team to keep me reminded of the artwork and
latest project that I am working on. To post every
details that Ive been working for the past few
So here it is, I'll start with the Heroes for Hire covers.
And hopefully, to share some stuff on my upcoming
Harvey Tolibao Sketchbook 2011. It will be launch in
August in teh Singapore Toy Games Comic Convention
2011. :D
© 2011 - 2021 harveytolibao
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your the man bro! IDOL!!
Mukhaat-Maskarah's avatar
More power 2 u sempai!
DarkDragon247's avatar
Finally. ;) Took you some time. :stinkeye:

...but.... Welcome Back! :hooray:
bleedman's avatar
C U there Harv!
axis000's avatar
What a good news indeed Sir... Welcome back!
aubrey-ogre's avatar
hope we can also get a copy of your sketchbook here in the philippines..:D
J-Garou's avatar
Welcome back Harvey!
Neolucky's avatar
Welcome back! I'm excited to see what you'll update with!
KreepingSpawn's avatar
Atlas0's avatar
Welcome back, Harvey T'!
pablo87's avatar
glad to hear from you harvey!
Tatong's avatar
SeanE's avatar
I coloured a pic of yours for fun while you were gone. Have a look here --> [link] :)
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