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Hi Guys,

First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting
my deviant account here in and
im very thankful with all the unlimited support.

My convention list this year are follows :

Capital City Comic Con 2014
Austin, Texas…

More to follows soon!

best regards
-- harveymtolibao

here's the pricing for commission on 11x17" comic board

full figure | fully rendered | minimal background 

CATWOMAN by harveytolibao

full figure | fully rendered | full background 

Lady Loki by harveytolibao    Victorian Supergirl by harveytolibao

full figure | minimal bg | 2 character 

Poison Ivy Harley Quinn BW by harveytolibao    Spiderman Vs. Green Goblin by harveytolibao

full figure | fully rendered | 3 character 

Daken vs X23 Shadowed Wolverine by harveytolibao

blankcovers | fully rendered | full figure 

Blank Covers 005 2013 by harveytolibao  Blank Covers 004 2013 by harveytolibao

blankcovers | fully rendered | double spread 

2013 Cover 012 by harveytolibao

for more information reach JULY or KATE of HMT Studios | Manila |

© 2014 - 2021 harveytolibao
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TheRigger's avatar
I met you last year at Alamo City. You were very generous in sharing advice and encouragement. This year I started doing cons for the first time. I'll have done 5 or 6 cons by the time the year is up (I was at Cap City I didn't know you were there or I would have stopped by to say hi).  Thanks for sharing you really helped me make a jump forward.
Travinapple's avatar
i wish i had more money! Thanks Harvey!
harveytolibao's avatar
Where you from particularly? :D
Travinapple's avatar
I am from Lebanon Oregon, Which is about an hour and a half south from Portland Oregon. Sorry about the late response by the way Harvey; i took some time off inking to finish school: i am REALLY interested in inking more of your pencils for a come-back portfolio! Is there an email that i could get in touch with you more efficiently perhaps?