Chicago Wizard Comic Convention 2013

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Hi Guys,

Good MorninG!
I'll be in Wizard Chicago Comic Convention
this weekend. I hope to see you guys there.
I'll be in booth i19 beside Ethan Van Sciver
booth and one booth apart to Kenneth Rocafort.
So if you happen to be in Chicago this August 8
till 11, so that will be thursday to sunday.

I love to see you guys there.

By the way, I am doing 10 commission by the
whole event 8 slots available. If you wanted to
have one I'll be happy and excited to make it.
Please message me at
look for july or kate so i can complete my precon
the whole event.

more info about the event :…


best regards
-- harveytolibao
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Wish I could go. Sounds like fun, did send a darkhawk book with a cgc witness for you to sign for me tho. Can't wait to get it back!
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I havent received any Darkhawk comic book that i would signed in the convention Dingo.