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TMNT Donatello of the all time favorite on TMNT team.
donatello goes machine. my illustrations on
one of the genius behind the ninja turtles.
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The details are superb!
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So awesome!!!! Love this design, so much Donatello could do with this kind of gear, the traditional armor is really awesome too. Love the little turtle art on the cloth. Your drawing skills are amazing. ^.^
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Amazing work... ang bangis!!! WOWWW!!!!
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Another professional like me,bravo! :clap: I'm responsible for a lot of the behind the concept art for TMNT 2014. ;) I prefer traditional style in my work,it seems it's a lost art.
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Another Harv classic.
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My favourite TMNT.
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great job.. love it
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The detail on this is amazing! :iconspeechlessplz:
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Wow, best TMNT art ever.
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Can I get you to do some work with me?
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Someone actually did fanart of these designs???
and GREAT fanart, at that? Art of this quality.. I just don't even..
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I'll never understand how people are able to teach themselves to draw like this. Amazing work.
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holy crap thats good. *bows down*
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That looks great!
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Intricate details... Woah..  Very nice :)
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