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Ms Marvel - Harvey | Kevin Tolibao

...never had thought in my career that we will have something illustration like this would happen. i know from the start that my brother kevintolibao is one of the most amazing and very patience when it comes to my work. i cant take any credits for this work, maybe point five percent of the work but no matter what we do the respect i have for kevin is way beyond and its feel better that he is to me too. he’s one of the person that no matter what happen on our journey never leaved me, i owe and i think the hmtstudios success is bcoz of my younger bro, sister, wife, family and the team behind. i wanted to share to the world, that hes just a kid way back on the days but i trust my life and our studio when we started now hes a man never ever think even a small bad to all of us. this art will never be better without my brother kevins magic. always looking ahead and moving forward with him and the whole team. i proud of where we are now bro, lets start making our dreams! ms marvel art illustration for ms brielarson . hope this will reach you mam to let you know that we make beautiful fan art for you. #marvelcomics #marvel #msmarvel #hmtstudios #harveytolibao #kevintolibao by the way we will bring this one to the apcc2018 this weekend! #apcc2018
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wow, is amazing
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Be careful when ping to see the movie, they're not offering refunds.
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Okay, THIS version of Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers I'm quite okay with. Nice work! :)

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This is probably one of the best renderings of Ms Marvel I've seen in a good long time.
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oooh she looks so badass La la la la  
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Awesome and beautiful work on her
AlexandraDahl's avatar
Stunning illustration!
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That's really kick ass texture of the suit, you can almost feel the material.
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Amazing job on this!
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Now this is how Carol should be looking (even though I miss the Ms. Marvel outfit).  Your brother did an outstanding job!
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I love it ❤❤❤
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That's the Carol I remember.
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Wow she looks better than she does in her actual comics!

Gotta love SJW Marvel Comics.
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I really wish Carol looked like this in the comics. Amazing work!
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Love It. Awesome work, my friend. :D (Big Grin) :happybounce: 
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Wow, that is 10 out of 10!!

Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star Pixel: Orange Star 
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Great artwork! Excited for Captain Marvel to join the MCU. But, I can't help but think of Taylor Swift when looking at this. (Not that that's a bad thing, mind you...)
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Really like the details for Captain Marvel. Amazing work right there for sure. :)
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Then how come your brother didn't post it himself, you dyslexic weirdo.
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