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Bring It On

...this is the colored version of
apocalypse kick ass phoenix.
I hope you guys like it. colored
by my fav colorist, Jay David Ramos.
he did a fantastic job on the page
which the one responsible for the
beautiful pages.

amazingcolors : :iconboysoltero:

Ultimate Xmen © Marvel Characters.
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Nice... nakulayan na pala. :-)
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I remember reading this issue in awe. This is just stunning as well! I could look at it for hours, fantastic. I'm stunned.
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Which one is this?
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Amazing design! Awesome Colors!
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The colorist did an amazing job here..
stunning colors by Jay David Ramos! :D
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Just amazing, man!!!!
Do you work with comics? It's very proof!!!
harveytolibao's avatar
Yah. Im working on Marvel. Thank you very
much for droppin by. :D Its been a year
working on the company.. :D
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Congratulations, is amazing meet someone who work in Marvel...You are like Gods! =D

ganda nang mga drawing mo tol...
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ASTIG si kuya jay pala nagkulay neto :D :D :D

wooo astig kayooo! :D
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Magaleng talaga yan si Kuya JAY.
Idol ko rin yan...
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ang ganda naman neto sers! landi nung pose nung girl!
harveytolibao's avatar
Hahaha! Kasing landi natin yan! :D
Astig mo PapaBear! Plus thank you at naging normal ako ituring nung nandun ka sa studio ni Wil:) Lakas ng sira mo...hahaha!
Thank you sa Domino pin-up,pre!
Digipaint ko sya and post ko sa account ko ha!
harveytolibao's avatar
wala problema man! :D Galeng mo pala
wala panama mga gawa ko men..hahaha!
Lupet mo men.. :D
Joker! Idol ko lines mo! Mas Lupit ka, galing mo mag design ng page, pati effects!
didnt know how to do the jawdrop emoticon mate but its bloody brilliant lol awesome pic, instant fave :)
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