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Blank Cover 001 2015

..some copics on a blankcover this time. im not really
good at this but i love to try and never stop committing
mistakes. its a lot of trial and error but really fun to do.
i did my best on this, i'll upload more from my DOTA
doodle book soon. anyone loves dota here?

hope you guys like it!

SpiderMan © Marvel Characters.
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LiDE 210
© 2015 - 2021 harveytolibao
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WHOA! Lovely job dude!

Rippin' shirts, such a classic!
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Awesome!! I love Spider-Man! And hey Sir, i join the Marvel Creative Day out, i hope you see my art there at UP, that would be awesome!! :D
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Love it this is awesomely wicked dude!!😃
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I don't know if you welcome criticism on this, buy may I just note that his right knee looks very massive, bulbous. Other than that, awesome drawing!
And they are selling comics for 6 Dollars now? That's why I don't buy floppies anymore, wth Marvel.
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Wonderful, beautiful artwork :love:
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