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Welcome to Harvest-Moon! Just a little fanclub dedicated to all those wonderful games in which you pick your bride.  This club mainly focuses on Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life.


= Devwatch the club.
= Send a note to the club asking for permission to join, and the title must include the word "Join".
= Add the icon to your journal,or whatever! Just type : iconHarvest-Moon : without the space, and you're all ready!

= comments to join on page and journal will be ignored!
= No spamming! >l Or else B-and-B and Ayame-Kenoshi will bat you with their Bat o' Fairness!
= You can tell us if you got to a certain pageview, by putting it in this journal,kay? Maybe something special will happen if you get a certain pageview...
= No hentai, yaoi, or anything like that on submissions.

= Please send a note with title "Art Submission" with a link to your artwork(s) inside.
= All art must be original and your own.
= There is a reason why you joined this club! Harvest Moon. Not Pokemon,not Sailor Moon, not Mario, Harvest Moon.
= Self insertions are fine, kekekeke...
= Only 2 submissions per person please. (this applies to contests)


SUBMISSIONS: :new:…  It's so cute! Thank you alot, Thief-THF!… This is a fanfic! It still counts as a submission, and a good one! It's so sad, though. . . ;.;! I want to read the next part! Thank you, supermazzy! A website for fans of Harvest Moon (which should be all of you viewing this page! ;P) Thank you, TeenageKairi… A great Harvest Moon piece featuring the newest addition to the Harvest Moon family, Harvest Moon Magical Melody! Thank you for submitting this, LMColver!… Another wonderful Harvest Moon piece from Magical Melody by LMColver!!… by knonoko Very nice close-ups of our favorite characters! :D



Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town came out on July 27, 2005!  These games for the Gamecube and Gameboy Advance, respectively, are from the girl's point of view and is full of adventure!  Choose wisely from 3 potential husbands, Rock, Gustafa, and Marlin, and enjoy raising your kids!

Okay, Ayame-Kenoshi here.  I talked to B-and-B and she said we could do this.  You pick any person from Harvest Moon and you can be them!  :new:

:iconb-and-b: Rock/Flora/Hugh
:iconayame-kenoshi: Rock/Celia
:iconthief-thf: Daryl/Gustafa/Rock
:iconlonedespo: Vesta
:iconnielrian: Nami
:iconpajama-sam: Nami
:iconjewelgirl160: Muffy
:icondaft-apeth: Mukumuku
:iconsandychan: Cody
:iconsanara-le: Muffy/Celia/Nami
:iconpurplewitch: Kate
:iconlil-kute-dream: Flora
:iconpapersky: daryl
:iconkawaiinekogirl: Popuri
:iconpuppykit: Ruby
:iconteenagekairi: Nami
:iconbunnii-a-la-mode: Lumina

Tim (runs the Inner Inn)
Ruby (runs the Inner Inn)
Rock (Tim and Ruby's child/Just an all around awesome guy)
Nami (One of the potential wives, world traveler)
Galen (old guy who likes fish)
Nina (Galen's wife,very cheerful)
Chris (cheerful wife of Wally)
Wally (athelete)
Hugh (son of Chris and Wally, wannabe athelete)
Griffin (runs the Blue Bar)
Muffy (one of the potential wives, works at the Blue Bar)
Romana (rich old woman)
Lumina (plays the piano and lives with Romana)
Sebastian (butler of Romana)
Vesta (rugged woman and successful farmer)
Marlin (Vesta's outspoken brother)
Celia (one of the potential wives, down-to-earth farmer)
Kassey (builds fireworks)
Patrick (builds fireworks)
Daryl (crazy scientist)
Carter (runs the Arcehological site)
Flora (helps with the dig site)
Gustafa (musician/leprechon/Hippie)
Dr. Hardy (Doctor)
Van (traveling merchant)
Cody (artist)
Samantha (wife of Grant and parent of Kate)
Kate (pigtailed child of Samantha and Grant)
Grant (chinese nerd who walks really fast and is commited to his job
Murray (Scam artist from PoPo valley)

Whoo...i think that's all of the choices! ^_^;


:iconb-and-b: :iconayame-kenoshi:

Ayame-Kenoshi,B-and-B,Thief-THF, Tezzie-chan,LaserBehm,janni-chan, LoneDespo,Toki-chinko, Nielrian, pajama-sam, TehLostProphet, Kagoru-chan, jewelgirl160,  HellboyPW, Daft-Apeth, sanara-le, SandyChan, fairyfriend, purplewitch, papersky, grimreaperri, Lil-Kute-Dream, Lizchan33, KawaiiNekoGirl, Crabamoustache, SomarGraphicsStudio, SillyWildmage, pixyteriyaki, m00juice, Calinea, melimea, Puppykit, KagoTheDog, supermazzy, Pyrofish, Cerdic, prototypetech2, ChaoticMiko, TeenageKairi, MichelleWalker, luminious-wings, JupiterLily, Bunnii-A-La-Mode, TigerNightFang, XxShardsxX, Link2005, Andou-Mahoro, Kamiflor, PockyPaulJones, H3ND3RSON, LMColver, Bagel-Deojii, knonoko, and Tikalie-Wolf


:iconinu-yasha-club: :iconsamurai-deeper-kyo: :iconpilotcandidate: :iconm00juice:

Join please~! :heart:
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