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my art is my expression, the only way i can deal with my feelings and my fears, i've been out of inspiration for a couple of months and all that time away from the thing that makes me feel more me than anything else has been a journey because a big part of me was missing and i couldn't deal with my emotions and got a little lost in the process

finally i got to feel like me again and without any doubt about who i am
lately i've been drawing a lot, my mind is constantly bringing images and i'm really enjoying this period of creativity

where is this going i don't know but for the first time in my life i can be absolutly sure that being an artist is what i always been and what i'm always going to be

i love that my life is defined by colors, textures and shapes

this is me
to all the people that took a minute or two of their lives to write in my gallery about my work Gaudiesque... i can´t thank you enough for your kind words and praises

since i came home today and opened my DA and saw all the messages, i can't stop smiling because not even in a million years i thought that one of my illustrations could make such an impact in my life

when i draw this images that pop into my head, i never think about what people could think about it... i get lost in the process because when i draw i put every once of me and i can't hide my feelings even if i try... they slip into the image without my permission

this is my passion, what i love, what i am... and that every one of you say those things about my work...

i don't know what to say except thank you so much, really
it seems almost inevitable that some of the feelings that i've got lately had been translated to my drawings and it's a funny thing because i'm always trying to hide them

but when i draw i don't think, i just feel, every drawing that i made has a part of me and what i was feeling in that specific moment

when i draw i'm the most me than ever
sometimes life is something that you just forget to live, you forget the things that make you feel really alive

and your heart beats again stronger than ever when you are doing what you love... and painting is my first true love and what i am
it's a curious thing how a simple draw made just for fun can change your life for good... thanks to "keep breathing" i met a lot of amazing people and  that's priceless for me
i was seeing places to go on vacations with my friends and the name of Barcelona came out and of course i inmediately thought "Gaudi" and this image pop up in my head... colors all around and i just couldn't help it and start drawing this idea... this tribute

it's a humble tribute to an artist that i admire and a city that i would love to see in person sometime

i hope you will enjoy it like i did while i was working on it :)
since i remember i start drawing... eyes became my obsession and i think it's the most significant part of a person because they say what it's behind the words that you can´t say or express to others

if you want to know someone... truly know someone... look into his/her eyes and just see :)
i just wanna thank to all the people that let me comments or just took the time to saw my art, specially the one i named keep_breathing. When i start drawing that image i never even imagine that it would make such an impact in my life because like the other images that i draw it was purely made for the pleasure of making it and share it with everybody.
And one special thank to the one person in my life that always believe in me and what i could do

one of my best days ever was August 23 because my keep_breathing drawing was chosen to show as a screenshot in the website... since a saw it published on the web i can stop smiling because it took me a very loooong time to finally realize that this is what makes me happy and what i wanna do until the day i die... so... I'VE GOT AN INKSCAPE SCREENSHOT!!!!!!!!!! (sorry for the outburst)
have you ever been so lost, in a place so dark that you can't even see your hands?
i've been there for so long that i can't remember when it began and it took me almost my all life to figure it out what i wanna do with my life and turns out that all i always wanted is to do what i always knew that i wanna do... but i'm glad that i'm here know with my mind free of all those clouds that used to keep me in the dark and that i put there all by myself... i'm finally seeing clear and this time i know... IM A DESIGNER
Just to be clear and because i don't want that anybody have the wrong idea or think that i cheated.
This image was taken from a photo that i saw on internet (…)and all i wanna do when i saw it was to show that you don't need to have photoshop to make things happen. I took the image and use it as a base for start tracing vectors and then i start to figure it out how to make the shadows and lights to give it a real sensation of photography. What you see its a complete vector image that i made but its based on a photography of another person and i don't wanna take the credit for that.
I tell you this because it never was my idea to steal or make any kind of business with this, i love to work with inkscape and don't wanna cause any kind of trouble, when my single purpose was that you can with inkscape make an image as real as a photography.
That's what i do... what i love... what i am... When i start drawing with my laptop or using paper and brush it doesn't matter where i am or how i'm feeling because my problems seem to fade away and i just feel genuinely happy because nobody judge me or hurt me in that moment... it's my time with my self and there is no pretending or excuses... just me with my heart in my hands... literally