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My Dark Passenger Ch. 8 (Levi x Reader) :iconharushik:harushik 2 0
No One. Loki x Reader: Ch. 4
I burst through the doors of my chamber and closed them with a wave of my hand behind me.
“I need to speak with you, it’s important.”
A cloaked figure appeared in front of me.
“What is it you require, Sigyn.”
“I am reporting to you with news of him.” I began. “We are located on-“
“You need not tell me where you are, it may be better that way.”
“I have taken him to a safe place, he follows me, though reluctantly.”
“How do you mean?”
“I believe he fears me,  but he still questions me. I suppose it is logical after all, he has only known me for a short time.”
“You must make him follow you, Sigyn, you are the only one who can help him. You must make him understand that the path he follows only leads to destruction and pain!”
“And I am meant to show him this destruction and pain…”
“You are the only one who can, child. You are the only being strong e
:iconharushik:harushik 4 0
No One. Loki x Reader: Ch. 3
    “What is this place?”
    I had followed her through the forest until we had come to a large lake.
    It was surrounded on all sides by overhanging trees, some of the branches were dipping into the water, but instead of it causing ripples, the lake looked like a sheet of glass, completely stationary.
    “This is my home,” I turned to her and my face got hot. She had stripped down to only her undergarments and tossed the clothes she had been wearing aside. “Are you familiar with any water breathing spells?”
    “What?” I asked, distracted.
    She chuckled. “Are you familiar with water breathing spells? It’s quite a swim to get there, and I can’t have you drowning on me.”
    “Well, I’m afraid not, I’ve never had a use for them.”
:iconharushik:harushik 3 0
No One. Loki x Reader: Ch. 2
    “My friends!”
    She stood atop a pile of bodies. Bodies of the guards who had previously been watching over us.
    “Too long have we been kept prisoner! Too long have we been kept from our purposes! I have freed you from your cages, and now I ask one thing of you…” She smiled. “Join me, and we shall destroy all who have ever wronged us… all who wish to… and all who oppose us!”
    All of the criminals, creatures, abominations, everything Odin had locked up in this prison was now free and they cheered for her. She had freed them and killed all of the guards single handedly.
    “And we shall save Odin for last, I wish him to see our good work, let him fear what shall come next! And when we finally come for him, I will bring you his heeead!!” Screams and wails of agreement shook the prison as every creature
:iconharushik:harushik 6 2
Mature content
No One. Loki x Reader: Ch. 1 :iconharushik:harushik 6 2
Mature content
Humbled. Loki x Reader (Ch. 3) :iconharushik:harushik 9 19
Black Widow by harushik Black Widow :iconharushik:harushik 1 0
Mature content
My Dark Passenger Ch. 7 (Levi x Reader) :iconharushik:harushik 7 13
Humbled. Loki x Reader (Ch. 2)
    The garments that you had given Loki fit just fine, although they did look a bit strange on the Asgardian Prince.
    He had eventually figured out the shower and had stripped down and stepped in to enjoy the hot water and clean himself off and afterwards had tried on the strange looking clothes.
    “That was marvelous, Sigyn, thank you-“ Loki opened the door to see you asleep on the bed. 
    Your legs hung off of the side, but the rest of your body was laying back across her crimson colored sheets. Your hair was partially spread out around your head, and your arms were slightly bent at your sides.
    Loki couldn’t help but look at you, you were no Freya, and yet there was just something about you, something that drew Loki to you. It was as if he didn’t even see your imperfections, to
:iconharushik:harushik 10 9
Humbled. Loki x Reader (Ch. 1)
Hey guys! So this is my first Loki x Reader fanfic, but I wanted to try something a little different. I want to give the reader a name for purposes that will reveal themselves later on =3 but I’ll post this chapter with the name I wanted to give her, and if you didn’t like it, just leave me some comments and if enough people don’t want her to have a given name, i’ll repost the chapter without it =) also, let me know if you’d like it better in 1st person, 2nd person, or 3rd person. Please and Thank you!!! =)

Her name is pronounced (SEE - gin) “See” “g” as in “get” and “in” as in the English word.
Your Hometown in Midgard… 
“Sigyn! Sigyn, you need to get up, dear!” 
You groaned and rolled over in bed. “As soon as you give me a different naaaaame. The hell kind of a name is Sigyn anyhow?”
You slowly got out of bed and trudged over to your wardrobe to
:iconharushik:harushik 12 14
Humbled, Loki x Reader (Prologue)
    In Asgard…
    “Odin, do you really think we should?…” Queen Frigga, Odin’s wife, mother to Thor and Loki, spoke to the Allfather in their chambers late one night.
    “It is time, my wife.” he replied softly.
    “But what if he isn’t ready? What if it all goes wrong, you know how he can be, husband-“
    “Frigga, it is time for him to find himself, he is our son, but we cannot keep him from his destiny. He is restless and troubled, and he must learn who he truly is.”
    The Queen knew her husband’s words were truth, but the thought of her beloved son leaving Asgard, tugged at her heart.
    “I will… allow this…” She said reluctantly.
    Odin chuckled softly. “It is not our decision, my
:iconharushik:harushik 21 14
Mature content
My Dark Passenger Ch. 6 (Levi x Reader) :iconharushik:harushik 5 5
Mature content
My Dark Passenger Ch. 5 (Levi x Reader) :iconharushik:harushik 5 11
Mature content
My Dark Passenge Ch. 4 (Levi x Reader) :iconharushik:harushik 7 7
Mature content
My Dark Passenger Ch. 3 (Levi x Reader) :iconharushik:harushik 6 2
Mature content
My Dark Passenger Ch. 2 (Levi x Reader) :iconharushik:harushik 7 6



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Ok guys! So I know I'm working on 3 fics right now, but NEVERTHELESS this issue must be addressed!!

I have noticed that there is an appalling lack of Mycroft x Reader fics on DA! Don't get me wrong, I love me some Sherlock x Reader, or John x Reader as much as the next Cumberbiotch or Martin fangirl, but come on guys! Mycroft has a fandom to offer too!

So, I have started working on a Mycroft x Reader fic, and I plan to do Sherly and Johnny as well ;D it may be a while before I post the first chapter of My, and I can't promise I'll update regularly, but I shall give you fellow Mycroft lovers some lovely goldfish interaction with our favorite high functioning sociopath's older brother :icondignitylaughplz:

feel free to give a shoutout if you agree ;) 

OH!!  and before I forget, I'd like to start adding my own imagery to my fanfics rather than using other people's AMAZING artwork! So look out for those, (if/when I ever get done with all of these PROJEEECTS!!


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