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This is my foobar2000 theme. It was made using ColumnsUI and Panel Stack Splitter components (the main ones). This theme was designed to be fairly compact (not fullscreen) but still allow for all of the features that a fullscreen theme allows, like maximum navigation, easy access to album art, lyrics, playlists, quicksearch, menu etc. It is by no means supposed to be complicated, as it was designed to be easy to use and modify. I hope you like it - tell me what you think - comments, criticisms, and suggestions are welcome. But be gentle - this is my first published foobar2000 theme and first deviation here. :p :D

required components:
- to make sure that everything works right, it's best idea to use the same version of everything I'm using
- foobar2000 (v0.9.6.9) (duh) -[link]
- ColumnsUI v0.3.7.3 - [link]
- Channel Spectrum Panel v0.17.2 -[link]
- Panel Stack Splitter v0.3.8a -[link]
- ElPlaylist v0.6.5.6 - [link]
- Playlists Dropdown v0.7.6 - [link]
- Chronflow v0.3.0 [link]
----note on Chronflow: you can use any of the built-in configurations
- Lyrics Show v0.3.3.9 - [link]
- Quicksearch v.2.8.l - [link]
- Album Art (foo_uie_albumart) v0.2.7.1 -[link]
- WSH Panel v0.7.2 - [link]

optional components that I recommend and use with my configuration:
- iPod Manager - foo_dop.dll - manage your iPod with foobar2000 - [link]
- foo_dsp_delta.dll - noise sharpening - makes your music sound better/more clear - [link]
- foo_utils.dll - advanced playlist editing tools/commands - [link]
- foo_jesus - automatic saving of configuration and other data in foobar2000 - [link]

- required fonts and installation instructions included in .zip
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I like the way that you have labelled all the buttons, very informative. Unfortunately, as beautiful as it is, it doesn't have a library GUI so I can't use it. Great work though!
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After a year and a half of happy using I've recently encountered a problem. The Lyrics Show v0.3.3.9 online search is not working at all. Has anyone encountered the same problem and if so does anyone have a solution? I tried updating the component but I just got my foobar2000 layout messed up...
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With searching from the depths of google I found out that the lyric providers are the ones with issues. Nothing wrong with foobar2000, components or your skin.
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Btw the problem seems to occurs with 1.0.3 and 1.1.7.
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The link for the WSH Panel is down. Without that, the FCL file cannot load. Is there another link for it? I tried downloading a .dll file called, foo_uie_wsh_panel_mod.dll but it didn't work.

Please help!
I want this skin!
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if you download my other theme (fooPillar) it has the wsh panel mod plugin included, then put all the files in your foobar200 install directory, and import the .fcl file for either theme and it should work.
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Awsome layout, works smooth on latest Foobar. Thanks
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I've got a problem with coverflow. I can see most of the album covers but not all. Some of them are just colored green. Do you have any idea how to fix this?
I'm using the folder.jpg method to add the covers.
Here are some pics (6 of them) [link]
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Never mind. I fixed it by decreasing the chache size 70% from cowerflows performance options.
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What can I say? This theme is awesome!
The only thing that would be nice is that when you move your cursor over an icon it could show the name of the icon.
In example when you move your cursor over coverflow, it would show the text coverflow.
Oh and the graphical browser would be really nice too! ;)
Tried it on foobar 1.0 and it works like a charm! Thanks for the effort!
Wondeful job, any update for foobar 1.0??
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I recently updated to foobar v1.0, and it worked fine, just make sure that you update all of the components as well. ;)

Sometime in the future I might release an updated version with some new features. I'm really busy with school so it probably won't be until my break at the end of March... :p
Thank you for this beutyful one. Is it normal that when I click pause, every buttons disappear for a few seconds ?
ok nevermind, but I try another one : "the nocover.png is not used ?"
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Really wonderful! The best skin/theme I've used with foobar!
Awesome works, thanks. I tested a lot of themes/skins and this one rules, olny one thing.
I would like to add rating into th skins. So that you can see and rate songs. Did you allready did something with rating?

Cause I cannot find it. Or am I a noob cuase I can't make it visible.

Anyways: thanks for the design. Very Nice
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no i haven't added ratings into my config yet, although it's possibly something i will implement in my next version.
Great looking config but foobar crashes when I try to load the fcl. This could be because I have foobar while you made it for though that shouldn't matter much. Or, it could be because I have a newer version of Elplaylist or an older version of playlists dropdown since I couldn't find the version you specified. Could you upload those specific components?
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i am actually now using foobar, and the newest versions of elplaylist (, and playlists dropdown (0.7.2) and they work fine, so i don't know what to say :(

if you wanna go the drastic route you can do a clean re-install (uninstall, remove all extra components/images/configs, then reinstall), but i'm not sure if you wanna go through tha trouble. good luck ;)
Well maybe it's because I couldn't find the newest versions of playlists dropdown. The site you linked to is down and I can't find it anywhere else :/
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fixed the link for playlists dropdown - it now goes to the newest version :)
well that actually worked! But now it has a problem with the background.
I think it's because I have a 64-bit OS so foobar is in /Program Files (x86)/ instead of /Program Files/. I edited the fcl so that it will look for grain.jpg in that directory instead but to no avail. Then I decided that maybe I need to reimport the fcl to have it update that, so I tried to reimport it and foobar insists that I need a newer foo_ui_columns. I have tried using versions 3.8.0, 3.7.3, and 3.6.9 of columnsUI but they all say the same thing. And ideas on these issues? I suppose I could reinstall foobar and put it into /program files/ to fix the image,but I would rather not and it doesn't guarantee the columns problem.:/
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so can you actually successfully load the fcl but the background doesn't show up? i am actually running a 64-bit also and have my foobar in the program files(x86) directory as well. if this is the case for you then you can just manually set the background - right click on an empty spaqce (top or bottom bars work well), then go to splitter settings-> behavior tab, and set the image path for the background image. if you are having trouble with columns ui, or anything else, double check that everything is in your foobar installation directory (i.e. program files(x86)/foobar2000) - and not somehwere else (i.e. regular program files directory). hope this helps (i am using columns ui btw)
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