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Little Witch in Training by Harumii-chama Little Witch in Training by Harumii-chama
I uh.... I haven't drawn anything in awhile
I'm rusty as hell
I wanted to draw a witch because I've been playing a really cute game called Potion Maker
I just wanted to draw a cute young witch in training
I triiiiied. Sue me.

This sketch is so goddamn messy omg

About 12 years old.
Her wooden staff is carved to look like a serpent
The gem and orb on the ends of her staff are what harness her raw magical ability
Well skilled witches can perform certain types of magic without a magical tool like a staff or wand
She is currently the apprentice of an elder (but youthful looking) witch who lives on the edge of their village (cause why the fuck not)
When she gets older and more in control of her powers, she would like to go to a school of Advanced Magic (similar to college/higher education)
Very curious. Has an affinity for visual magic.

This isn't an OC I was just having fun with it lol

Art and design are mine. All mine.
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August 11, 2015
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