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・2/21/19 - Added rules for porting to other software.

This is an updated set of rules, so the rules here override the ones in the readme included with the download. P
lease make sure to check this before you make any edits to any of my models. By downloading my models, you agree to follow the rules in this journal. Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning, continuing to break my rules after that will result in a report/DMCA.
Rules that apply to all my downloads:
・Please use the data at your own risk. I can not be held liable or responsible for any damages caused by or in connection with using this data.
・The latest notation shall take precedence if this Terms of Service is renewed.
・Editing is allowed.
・Taking parts and/or textures is allowed.
・Distributing an edit is allowed. 
・You must allow editing or editing with permission if you distribute an edit. If you want to add a no editing rule, please contact me.
・You don't need to contact me if you need to have a no editing rule due to use of pay to use parts.
・Include the entire readme folder when you distribute an edit.
・Do not distribute the unedited model.
・Commercial use of any kind is strictly prohibited.
・Using this data to offend, slander, harass, or otherwise disrespect other users is strictly prohibited.
Using this data for works which include obscene, grotesque, and/or violent content is not allowed.
・My older models are allowed to be re-uploaded to Baidu or any other Chinese site as long as I am credited. You don't need to get my permission first.
・You don't need to get my permission to take parts. Some of my older models have this rule, but it doesn't apply anymore.

About porting:
・Porting the model into any software besides MikuMikuDance (VRChat, GMod, SFM, etc.) is allowed as long as proper credits are given.
・Porting may not be allowed for some models to respect users who don't want their parts to be used outside of MMD. Please check the readme before porting.
・I cannot guarantee that my models will work in other software. 
・Distributing a port is allowed as long as proper credits are given and my readme is included in the download.
・Commissioning someone to port the model into a different software is not allowed. 
・Commercial use of any kind is strictly prohibited.

For my PDF 2nd rips:
・Credit SEGA and HarukaSakurai when you use them. (Crediting SEGA is way more important than crediting me. It's fine if you don't credit me, just don't claim it as your own)
・When editing them, please follow the conditions of the Piapro Character License (Full License, Summary). 

For my TDA edits:
・If any conflicts arise, TDA's rules shall take precedence over my rules. 
・Who to credit varies from model to model, check the readme or the model info for who to credit. 
・Some of my edits use a pay to use eye texture, this is the only texture you aren't allowed to take. Check the readme to see if the edit uses it.
・Do not headswap or recolor into an OC or Self Model. Headswapping into another Vocaloid or derivative (Haku, Neru, Zatsune, etc.) is okay, but distributing them is not allowed.
・Taking parts and/or textures for an OC or Self Model is allowed.

For my TDA Miku and Luka Bases:
・Always credit TDA and HarukaSakurai when you use them. For the WKPY version, credit WKPY as well.
・Editing into a different character is allowed.
・The only texture you aren't allowed to take is 4.png, it's a pay to use part. This texture is only on Miku.
・If you heavily edit the base, you may distribute your edit.
・Do not distribute the unedited base.

For my Outfits:
・Always credit Red Thread Games, Blink Studios, and HarukaSakurai for Casual Outfit.
・Always credit Team Ninja, Tecmo Koei, and HarukaSakurai for Nightgowns and Summer Dresses.
・If you're going to use the base that comes with the outfits, it must remain as a TDA style model.
・Distributing an edit is allowed, but only if it's on a full model.
・Taking parts is allowed, just credit the original creator of the part.

For my privately distributed models:
・Instructions for who to credit will be in the model's description and in the readme.
・You must get permission to distribute an edit.
・Do not give out the password to access the distribution page.

List of people who have gotten permission for the no editing rule:

I think I might be missing someone, if you've contacted me in the past about this please note me.

Thanks for reading all of this, and have fun with my models! ^_^
If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or note me~
© 2015 - 2021 HarukaSakurai
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Walten-kun123's avatar

can i ask to edit miku base ?

JerryTheBoy's avatar
May I ask you for a question... What happened to TDA Len Base?
HarukaSakurai's avatar
It was pretty old and had quite a few bugs so I removed it. Here's a download for an alternative c:
ranger908's avatar
I did some edit with your Luka base before . Here 
A love bite . by ranger908
EileenDeviantart2019's avatar
Well, since I'm new to the MMDC, is it okay if I edit the WKPY Base into my self model?
HarukaSakurai's avatar
That's okay, just make sure to follow TDA's rules c:
fangirlotaku7's avatar
So we ARE allowed to use the clothes ONLY and NOT full models for OCs so long as we don't distribute the model and credit the right people...?
fangirlotaku7's avatar
Lower in the comments says it's OK sooooooo thanks! <3
ChrisMMD's avatar
Oh I edit your model long time ago because in read me write can edit and this is updated rule so please permission me. My model  always use private
only for my MMD and I always put credit edit from you when I use that edit model.Thank you so much and next time I will ask you for your 
permission before edit (also in read me write can edit).
Luna-Moon-Asaki's avatar
I guess it's good that i don't plan on uploading the self models i've already made (Personal use only)...I've made so many
Galaxy-Bunny-Banana's avatar
Well, I'll answer this for Haruka to keep her from answering all of these on her own. Self model or not, I don't believe that's allowed without her permission, because only other Utaus, Vocaloids and Derivatives are okay at the moment.
Luna-Moon-Asaki's avatar
I only edit her vocaloid models
XXblossom's avatar
I have a question if that's alright. 030

Say a person did a recolor of your model, before they saw the updated rules, would that be rule breaking?
HarukaSakurai's avatar
As long as they don't use the recolor in the future or make any more recolors, then it wouldn't be considered rule breaking. Same applies for headswapping.
(Lumiere Etolie Luka is an exception to this, it had the rule in the readme)
SilverDreamyRose's avatar
I do allow my models to be edited now... and I forgot to include your readmes -_-. I'll fix that when I have free time
but thanks for posting this :)
MatoMatsuri's avatar
this is a very effective list~~
Kimohime's avatar
can i head swap Miku and Luka for a Neru model..? I'll make sure to credit you ^^ By headswap i mean, I'll put Luka's head on Miku's body, not on another body
Galaxy-Bunny-Banana's avatar
As Haruka says, as long as you do NOT publicly distribute the model without her permission, you should be fine as long as it isn't an OC, since it's Neru, you're safe.
BakpaoItem's avatar
Uhh... Can I recolor some part of your models? (I mean without turning it to OC, just edit some textures)
-w- Sorry for my bad English XD
HarukaSakurai's avatar
Of course! As long as you don't put up a public download for the model it's fine~
(On the other hand, feel free to privately send it to a few friends c: )
BakpaoItem's avatar
Yay! Thank you! \(^w^)/ *hug*
Birb intensifies Birb intensifies Birb intensifies Birb intensifies Birb intensifies Birb intensifies Birb intensifies Birb intensifies Birb intensifies Birb intensifies 
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Hey there
actually excuse my ignorance
all models are always editable and when we give you credit it?
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