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TDA WKPY Style Miku and Luka Bases Ver1.1 {DL}

Fixed ribbon physics issue on Miku (Curly Hair 1), thanks csillagtim for telling me! 
Update 3/18/19: Added 2 new hairstyles for Miku and 1 for Luka, fixed the leg bone structure, fixed the toe bones not following the rest of the leg in PMXEditor, edited Luka's hair texture, and added a separate upload with the shoes edited off.

I wanted to make a new picture, but not much has changed about their appearance and this one's so cute???? so I just didn't
also, thanks to EveningsMelody for testing these for me <3

What's been changed from my other bases:
-New body from WKPY's Camisole edits
-Miku has 3 new alternate hairstyles, Luka has 2
-Display pane, materials, and facials are all translated

TDA, WKPY, Jin, HenachokoErika, ReYaMa, cacti-sloomMilionna, 神楽坂柚,  Illusion, Boneria, Mareyon (MA04), vk, Alan Smithy, Hzeo, Jjinomu, traineeCrossSkary66SweetGirlRadioactive, NXJA, AliceBunny115, GrIzZiN, Nashie-CLizzyVolti, and HarukaSakurai (More detailed credits in readme)
-Poses by Crystallyna 
-S5Shader by データP

Download is to the right, have fun with them! c:
Miku and Luka uploaded separately and Shoes Off versions
© 2016 - 2021 HarukaSakurai
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May I distribute the Luka base with her hair physics edited, if not then I will not distribute the edited base.

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Can I have Luka's hair?

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Yeah, taking parts is allowed! Just make sure to credit everyone listed in the readme for whatever hair edit you're using c:

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Hi ! can i turn your Miku base into base for my OC ? 

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I love it!! I was able to DL it! I wanted to know if there any textures available that would fit the models? I've tried to use a few TDA textures but they don't fit the Luka model well.
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Funny, long before this update, I was able to fix up the toe bone dilemma by adjusting the bone priority levels. Of course, you wouldn't be rotating the toe bones unless the shoes are off.
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Thanks so much. great work
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May I know where you got the camisole edits?
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Are we aloud to take the shoes?
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dl'd! is changing stuff allowed? <3
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Is it to take off the hair and swap with different TDA hair? because I want the luka base but different hair style
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donde conseguiste los tacos del modelo?
esque son muy bonitos y los quiero para un model
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