I created a VTUBER, her debut is tomorrow

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I created a VTUBER, I designed her model and made the rigging of her! I would like you to follow her in her social media since her debut would be tomorrow, I'm so pleased to invite you and hope your participation in this event, she speaks both Spanish and English! she will be chatting on debut day! Thank you 

Here is the link of the social networks of the vtuber, her debut is in YOUTUBE!

Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCLAl_…

Twitter: twitter.com/KyriaVtuber

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/kyria_vtuber

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kyriavtuber/

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I just realized I can't read. I for some reason thought this was you doing this yourself when you clearly said its someone else. I am dumb. XD I still subbed to them and watching their first video now but I feel dumb as hell. It took them saying "This is my papa" when showing who made their avatar for me to realize my mistake...not just reading what you said here. XD And reading was my best subject in school.

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Lovely Design!

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The design is cute, I subscribed to her channel

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I have watched a lot of clips of other V-Tubers so it'll be interesting to see one I have already followed on another account. Decided to sub to your YT so I'll see how I like your content there. ^^