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Takagi from Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san  , she was the winner of last fanart poll on Patreon

Takagi is just love~! <3
Highly recommended this anime (be careful: you can die by high dose of sweetness)
I'm getting used to this style of coloring, really I hope you like it!

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I love this show

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Wow :)

I'm so happy you gave me a llama cause it led me to your gallery and it is absolutely beautiful!

This is one of my favourite pieces though because you've done such a great job of capturing Takagi's character!

Also, I LOVE the lighting in this piece, particularly in the top, where there's the glare and it's kind of reflected on the hair!!! It's such a nice touch, and it's a create opportunity to kind of meld the colours of the background with the colours in the character!

Great job! :D

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oh que bonita, ahora pronto sale segunda temporada yay!.
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Aw-w-w!~ I'd pat-pat-&-huggy-hug~<3
Such a cute lil' devil~
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This is wonderful. I'm reading this manga right now. I think Takagi might be my new favorite character ever.
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Aww... So adorable.
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flat is justice... love this one
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Omg I love Takagi!! Such an authentic piece Clap 
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Nice fan art! This anime is adorable. 
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I just finished the anime today, I go on DeviantArt... And find this. Coincidence? I think not!
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Levels of awesome contained in this image are too great to measure! ^.^
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Lol found your Takagi avatar~ xD

Lovely work of her! <333
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sweetest anime of this year, hands down.
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Es perfecta uwu
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Its perfect *-*
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La hiciste perfecta!! :3 
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