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"Let me spoil you more

senko-san was the winner of the patreon poll of the month of May,I  love making this drawing, especially the background, Senko-San is very adorable, I was also experimenting with another brush without texture to make the sketch / lineart and I really liked the result, I really hope you like it!

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Also, thanks so much for the llama.

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Wow, I just went in to give the llama, but I saw it. It is very cool, especially the tail and ears.  Yeye by UnisonPoem
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Nicee ^_^ Senko San 800 years:happybounce: 
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Very nice work!!! it is very similar to Makoto, a character from BlazeBlue beat'em up series and one of my fav videogames!!!

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Umu umu, I miss this show! :3
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WoWOwWoW,SOOO CUTEE Charuru XD Boogie revamp lazy cat emoji <333 
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Это просто шикарно  ! , очень мило вышло ! 
Спасибо за ламу )
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{Spoilers ahead - you have been warned}
Senko protecc

Senko won't attacc

But most importantly

*I'm worried that Senko won't come bacc!!!!!* (Ep 11)
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Ooooooh can I stroke her ears?
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She doesn't really like that but for Kotoro she will make an exception
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It's still a VERY cute peice all the same
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True that
even cuter anime OwO
I can't wait for Ep 12 to air  >w<
It's Senko's chance to explain herself
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Suuuper cute! Amazing artwork for an awesome anime!
Kawaii by coresix  
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The cutest of little foxes!!!!!
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Aww......Senko-san is so cute in this.... Heart 
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I'd love to have her as my big/little sister Pink Heart Icon 
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Great work on this piece. :D

Let me touch the tail. Pikachu want it 
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Dis is soooooo Cute :)
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Mega cuddly foxy! <3
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damg! it's so rare seeing such a detailed and "soft" anime style piece. i love it Neko Emoji-17 (Happy) [V1] 
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Thank you so much, I'm glad you said that! that's what I try to achieve with my drawings and I try to improve every day > <
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& you're killin' it! Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2] 
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so cute!!!! I love the expression, looks so sweet 
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Thank you! I tried to make the expression generate tenderness, so I'm glad you say that :3
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